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Because of Low

Because of Low  - Abbi Glines 3.5 stars. I'm going to call this review - REDEMPTION.I feel like I finally got what this author was trying to write. I had a like/dislike feeling for her book Existence, and I borderline hated the first book in this series, Breathe, so I entered into my read of the second book a bit hesitantly. The only reason I even decided to pick up this book was because of my interest in Marcus, who had been a side character in the first installment and was now being pushed into the role of leading man. In all honestly, if anyone is even considering reading this series, I would say to skip book 1 altogether and go right to book 2. Other than a brief cameo from book 1's characters, there's nothing really tying these books together.Now I must pause a second to reign in my need to fangirl over the lovely, lovely Marcus Hardy. *pause*If you liked Marcus in book 1, I can't wait to see what you'll think of him in book 2. He was all that...yet somehow more. For a second, I thought we were in danger of losing the character to the overpowering "alpha male syndrome," but thankfully, the author stopped just short of the point where he would have been beyond redemption. Who knew that Marcus had his own inner demons to fight? Because I sure didn't while reading book 1. I fell hard for the guy who wore his heart on his sleeve. His feelings for Willow felt natural compared to how he pined over Sadie in the first book. His protectiveness fit better with this storyline, whereas it felt forced in Breathe. And hot damn if he didn't have some sexy moments. This book was steamier than the average YA (I'm guessing because the characters were college aged). I think I had a wicked grin on my face while reading about Marcus referencing orgasms. I have to give credit to Ms. Glines for walking the drama path without straying into "crazy" territory. There are a few books I've read recently which could have used a bit of restraint when it came to how extreme the drama was going to get. This book has its fair share of misunderstandings, ridiculous moments, and stubborn decisions, but there was never a point where I had the screaming red flag of "ABORT, ABORT...YOU WENT TOO FAR!!!" flying in my face. Most of what happened wasn't that far off from the silly everyday drama that happens in most young people's relationships. I have to give a big sigh of relief that Marcus didn't turn scary or violent. He was a bit jealous, he had his overprotective moments...but it never crossed that line. My heart reached out to all of the characters in this story. The plot twist at the end which brought unexpected people together was a nice touch. It's wonderful to see stories come full-circle. I can't wait for Cage's book now. He reminded me a little bit of Reid from Between the Lines, except not as cold and heartless to start. Cage has a big heart. You can see it in the way he cares for Willow. He just hasn't found his own girl yet to surrender to, so he blindly goes through one-night-stands with reckless abandon. Because of this, his story of falling in love will be that much more sweet to watch.I almost opted out of mentioning any complaints because I'm quite thrilled that this book surpassed my expectations. But if I failed to mention the fact that the term "baby" was used more than once (one of my huge cringe-worthy terms), or forgot to mention that guys rarely refer to sex as "making love," then I would be untrue to what people expect from my reviews. And one spoilerish complaint Sorry...no girl is going to scream over an orgasm if it's her first time and she's not sure what it is that's happening to her. Even with those moments, I was still more than pleased with Because of Low There were actually several quote-worthy moments that made me "awwww," but this time I'm going to opt out of posting them because this review is long enough as it is.If you don't mind a bit of drama and some intensity in a love story, this book will work fine for you. If you cringe at even a hint of extreme behavior, you might want to give this one a pass, even if the drama was no where near as high as many other popular books I've read.My comment on book 1 of this series.I just know that I see promise in this author and keep hoping to see the potential come to fruition. It's as if I'm standing on the outside of a very cool house and I'm fumbling with a huge ring of keys, hoping to find the right one to fit the door's lock.Well Glory, Glory Hallelujah. She was able to finally make a book work for me.