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Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, Book 1)

Angelfall  - Susan Ee

*11/13/13* This was just as good on my second read. I'm so ready now for book 2. 


*11/14/12* Soon to be a major motion picture directed by Sam Raimi. Cheer!


I think I can safely recommend this book to anyone who likes any of these genres or categories :


Sci-Fi (post-apocalyptic world in ruin)


Paranormal (angels and demons)


Romance (okay, so there wasn't actually one yet, but there is the hint of something forbidden to come)


Survival & Adventure stories


Horror, Gore and Macabre twists


YA books that DON'T read like YA (no angst, no teen drama, age is irrelevant)


Basically, Angelfall was all kinds of success. Well done, Ms. Ee.


Right off the bat, this book had me when the action started immediately. I'm so sick of dystopia/post-apocalyptic books that are filled with wordy sentiments. It's the end of the world people, shit should be hitting the fan.


It was awesome enough when Penryn and the angel were on the run out in the wilderness, fending for themselves...but then they ended up in San Francisco at a 1920's themed club? It's as if this author ransacked my brain to know what I'd want to read about.


The last portion of the book lost me for a moment by taking a trip into the bizarre. Don't get me wrong, I was still hooked. Not once did this Angelfall become boring. I think I wish that I had been warned a bit first that the book was going to go from an action/paranormal/post-apocalyptic/budding romance (can I somehow combine these to make an entire new genre?) to a horror story taking place in a sexually charged nightclub. Because that's what we were dancing with in the last part. I'm not even complaining! There just might have been a moment where my brain started doing a brief reaction of Does Not Compute! But then, I recovered and continued with the awesomeness.


If you're looking for something different from the standard YAPNR fare, and like a bit of grit and darkness as well, then here it is.