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Young Love Murder (Young Assassins 1)

Young Love Murder (Young Assassins 1) - April Brookshire It's impossible to write this review without a few mild spoilers, but I left out all of the major events. Some filthy language ahead. You've been warned.WHAT, Part 1 :What exactly is Young Love Murder about? The summary tells us that the book is about a young assassin who falls for the son of one of her hits. So I'm thinking : Hmmm. This could get interesting. We might see some grisly murders. No doubt our protag will kick some ass and take some names. Gabriel's take on Anna : My girlfriend can throw a knife like a ninja.My girlfriend owns a gun with a silencer.My girlfriend can knock a guy out in one punch.My girlfriend sometimes wears knives strapped to her thigh.My girlfriend can drive a car like James Bond.My girlfriend associates with supposed Russian bodyguards who can afford Lamoborghinis.My girlfriend was a virgin who had already been taught sex tricks from a French Madam.Who the hell is she?Who the hell is she? I'm still trying to figure this out. Yes, Anna is badass. Absolutely, she gets the job done. Admirably, she never backs down from her tough girl persona. Aside from that, I never felt like I got to know her. She was a bit stubborn and bratty when it came to how she treated others. Just because you can kick your boyfriend's ass, doesn't mean that you should at every given opportunity.What is this book about? In the first 30 or so percent, I couldn't have begun to tell you. I figured the book was YA. The kids were in high school, they were horny, there were two guys wanting the same girl, etc. etc. So I'm thinking...yeah...probably going to ditch this one. I wanted assassinations not silly high school games!Which brings us to...WHAT : Part 2 (otherwise known as THE middle part of the book)I have nothing to say other than the middle was a mix of Beautiful Disaster (huge drama fest, complete with all forms of name calling and violence) and New Moon (substitute the months of sitting in a room pining, for years of one person choosing to pine while logging it all in a journal). Obviously, I'm not going to try to sell the middle of the book. It was an odd, out-of-bodybook experience. Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel. What is anyone to do with you? Just because Anna's the man in the relationship, doesn't mean you have to forget how to act like one. In case you want your balls back, I have them wrapped up all nice and pretty for you.On a side note : do I really need to note for the ten thousandth time that I really hate the overuse of the nickname "baby" in any book?FUCK : Part 3This last part could have a double meaning. There was, indeed, quite a bit of fucking going on, at least there was for a YA book (as I've seen it shelved by others). We weren't hitting hardcore adult romance type of scenes but there was definitely more nakey-nakey and sexy time than you'd see in the usual YA romance. I myself am going to shelve Young Love Murder as an adult book. Even though it started out in high school, the book ended with the characters in their 20's and out in the real world. The next book also appears to be set among adults out in the real world.The second reason for me ending this WTF with a big F bomb is the fact that this book was a WHOLE lotta crazy. The name calling, the running, the obsessive love, the roughhousing, the murders, the bullets flying everywhere. I don't know whether to be amused or extremely disturbed at this sentiment :"You shot me in the shoulder, Annabelle! I know what that means! And I love you too, baby."This is not joking around. He's being dead serious. BUT...I will say that after we got past "WHAT" and "THE," at least things were finally starting to move in the "FUCK" section. There was a bit of Anna's on-the-job experiences in Part 2 : THE, but the real payoff was when we got these kids out of the high school setting. This is when got to see more of the world of underground assassins at play.The last part of the book was interesting. If more of the story had followed the action of the last 30%, I would have gone with a higher rating. Will I read on in the series? Possibly. I might check out book 2, so I can what happens with Anna's brother (who was the best character in the book). If you like books with crazy drama, you'll probably like this book. If you devour books where the hero will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants, you'll probably love this book.My feelings? Although quite entertaining in parts, the book fell short of my expectations. I can see why others would like it though. There are a few people I know who would love this book.