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Wrapped Around Your Finger

Wrapped Around Your Finger - Fallon Blake Adult review for erotic content. Cheesy cover does not reflect upon content of book itself.4 plus stars. This is too short to earn a coveted (yes, books do so happen to covet my approval) 5 star rating but I will say that this is probably one of the better erotic short stories I've read, considering there wasn't a ton of time to expand on the characters themselves.These are words I want to see in relation to BDSM :TrustCompassionPartnershipForget Safe, Sane and Consensual. I really would rather the standard be the three words listed above. Submission does not have to equate to a loss of one's person. Submission is an intriguing concept to me. So much focus in books is often put on the sub and how they need to learn to trust but to me it's also important to find a Dom who is just as much invested in their partner's pleasure as they are in satisfying their own fetishes. To me, the ultimate draw of BSDM is the demonstration of two people coming together to explore what make them tick. It's not about one person having complete control over another, which can often be how Doms (or even alpha males) in books are portrayed.She happened to like her men a little rough around the edges with a take-charge personality. Tragically, most men seemed to think asshole was included somewhere in that description.I think a few authors could stand to take that statement to heart. Wrapped was about two people exploring a mutual attraction inside of the privacy of the world they made for themselves, not unlike two mainstream people exploring an attraction out in the dating world. There was not an overly intimidating storyline, nor were there crazy plot antics trying to draw us into a stylized version of BDSM. I respected that.Indie is an aspiring chef who is working as a plus-size model and Banner (I didn't pick the names) is an already established (and somewhat famous) chef who met Indie through a job she took as a nude model used for the purpose of displaying sushi for restaurant patrons to sample. Sparks fly while Banner sets up a display on Indie. When he's finished working he presents her with an interesting offer : stay with him for 3 days and be his submissive.As she's pondering this over, the customers arrive, an ex-boyfriend causes trouble, and we see that Banner has a protective nature. Of course, this has her intrigued and the story takes off from there.This little romp was fast, fun, sexy and interesting. I smiled at the scene where Indie gets even with the trouble-making ex. I appreciated the pacing for a short and the ending left me satisfied. All in all, it was a nice little read.