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Wild Encounter (Entangled Suspense)

Wild Encounter - Nikki Logan First rule of the wild : Never take your eye off a predator.3.5 stars. Not gonna lie - I was sort of expecting a taboo kidnap book where there was some potential dub con or perhaps even a major Stockholm Syndrome situation going on. Whoops...I sort of missed the mark on guessing what this book was about.Even so, I was still into this tale of a Safari-slash-kidnap-slash-bungled hostage situation book. This is a scenario I haven't read before.The reason I took away half a star point is because if you remove the very cool layers of setting and scenario, the story itself is a basic contemp romance when it came to conflict and secrets.The reason I rounded up though is because Simon is a hot Brit. It sort of makes me laugh inside of my own head (don't judge, I actually do this) whenever I find myself sympathetic toward the captor. Granted, this man is not a complete jackhole of a captor like we've seen in truly taboo books, so it's also easier to like him. I also laughed (in a less disturbing way) that Clare nicknamed him Alpha. He wasn't the most Alpha of Alphas, but hey, if someone's gonna be one, they might as well have the snazzy name to go with the job."If it's survival you want, then you need to fight and kick and scream at every one of us, and that includes me." He pushed away from her and grabbed the chair with one powerful hand. "In fact, right now, I would say most especially me."I should probably disclaimer this after adding in that quote : if you are the type of person who can't read taboo kidnap books like Comfort Food and Captive in the Dark, this is NOT like those books. Wild Encounter is definitely contemporary romance, not dark erotica. So if you're a little nervous, don't be. This alpha's bark is worse than his bite. The sex was the right level for the type of book that it was - nice and steamy but not over the top.At first, I had issues with how fast Clare got attached to Simon. There was no real time given for Stockholm Syndrome to develop. However, when I read further into the book, I realized that a big portion of the story was not going to focus on the time in captivity, so there was a reason why the connection was rushed. Then, I was able to forgive something that I'd normally pick apart for being unbelievable."It's...You're frightened and alone and relying on me. You're desperate."The blood in her veins congealed. "I am not desperate."His smile was strained. "You're counting on me to get you out of here."I liked the chemistry between Simon and Clare. You could tell that both people were struggling with their feelings and neither one was sure just how to proceed, given the situation. Simon's protectiveness of Clare that was lying under his rough exterior was even sweet at times.Other than the story sort of going into basic contemp territory about midway through, I enjoyed the read. There were a few transitional errors here and there a couple of setting missteps (there was one instance where the country itself was called Africa), but overall, I think the setting was captured in such a way that I felt like I was right there along with the people. This is one book that I'm glad I didn't pass up.This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.