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While It Lasts

While It Lasts  - Abbi Glines We Now Interrupt Your Regular Review Programming for a Rather Long Ramble.I am going to opt out of writing a traditional review of this book. Here's my end note up front, so you can read it and move on while I stay behind and rant to myself : Who should read this book? Anyone who loves protective, slightly possessive alpha males who are sexy as hell and love to think, talk and act dirty. If you like lots of great sexual tension, being inside of a man's head as he thinks naughty thoughts, and yummy foreplay leading up to when the couple seals the deal, you'll be good to go.Who should NOT read this book? Anyone who rolls their eyes at super jealous alpha males, stories that focus on not much else except for romance and sex, or anyone who's read more than one Glines book before (other than Breathe because that one was her weakest) and struggles with the fact that not much changes from book to book other than minor location and story details. *end review and commence rambling*Abbi Glines is like wicked voodoo to me. I know I shouldn't be messing around with the stuff, yet I can't seem to stop doing it. Her repetitive alpha characters and plot devices constantly make me think of her as the Mature YA/New Adult version of Kristen Ashley, which is funny because I had to stop reading KA for the time being because of the repetitiveness, while I can't seem to make myself stop reading Glines. What I have managed to figure out, is that even though AG tends to push all of the buttons linked to what annoys me, she also manages to push the ones that trigger the happy "romance/love for sexual tension" factor in my brain (but in about half the page length of a KA book, so I'm not struggling to finish).Quick time-out for the "grown-up" talk. This book was sexy as hell. The sex scenes were better than some I've read in full-on adult romance novels. Cage brought the dirty talk, the cocky attitude, and the naughty thoughts (loved, loved being in his head). If Glines excels at ONE thing it would be this : the sexual tension is off the charts. She teases us with hot kisses and growling and intimate touches, then moves up to hand jobs and undressing and exploration. Then when we're really all hot and bothered, she delivers with the sex (and she didn't leave out detail there either). I like how she works up to the act in stages. She really captures the wide range of foreplay and other sexual options that are normal for college age kids who are still figuring out if they want to give it up or not. But when you take all of that away... I was hoping for so much more out of Cage's book. I felt like I was reading Beau (from Vincent Brothers) all over again. There are different ways for males to be alpha and protective without stepping in and getting mouthy before knowing what's going on. Is there even one guy in a Glines book who takes a second to think before reacting? Not all alphas are the SAME. To be fair, I can appreciate the realism of jealousy and emotions and hormones. All of these things happen to most of us at some point or another. But WHY does every single guy have the same trigger reaction in every single book? There is such a thing as a brooding alpha or the kind who gives you those evil looks when you're acting in a way they don't like. Not every single alpha chooses to act like a drunken frat boy looking to smash faces in without first finding out what's really going on. I honestly loved that Cage was protective of his best friend Willow and would have bent over backwards for her...BUT I was hoping that when he met a girl in this book, he'd meet someone who would banter back and forth with him, and that they'd develop a relationship through resistance because the girl wasn't going to put up with his crap. I wanted to see someone who would really challenge him. Instead, nope...we get another instance of a guy who is drawn to a girl with a sad story, and how he wants to do nothing more than comfort her and take her pain away. Then a bunch of misunderstandings happen and they both go back and forth pursuing each other while the other one runs. Bleh. It's regurgitated crap. REGURGITATED CRAP.Please excuse me while I bang my head on the desk repeatedly over yet another book from this author. *pause*Yet, I can't seem to stop reading AG books. I'm sure she'd probably pay me to quit reading her books because my reviews are probably doing more harm than good. However, for reasons unknown, I find reasons to keep reading, even with all of my major bitching and whining. Did I say this book was sexy as hell? Yes, I do believe that's probably why I keep reading. If you plan on reading this series, do yourself a favor and skip right over Breathe, the first book. Really, the book was painful to read. It doesn't even connect to the second book in the series other than a brief cameo from the original characters. Just go ahead and start with Because of Low (Marcus is quite delicious), then read this one if you are interested. Signing out...I officially need to step off the romance drama train and immerse myself in some gory zombie madness for a minute.