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Under the Lash

Under the Lash - Carolyn Faulkner Adult review for sarcastic and taboo erotic content.I just realized that I might have been dancing a little too close to spoilers with some of my status updates for this book. Hopefully, you'll forgive me this instance because you might actually have wanted to know about the dub-con situation before opening the book.From here on out, there may be choppy seas (hah) because I'm going to be doing an unusual format for my review. There will be spoilers ahead. I can not talk about my feelings for this book without laying it all out there. You have been warned. If you were looking for pirate booty, you've come to the right place. This pirate is obsessed with Cassie's booty. So obsessed, he spends half of a story doing not much else but slapping the hell out of it.My first impression of this book upon reading the summary :This is a historical romance/bdsm erotica with some sort of kidnapping hijinx. Maybe the pirate gets out of hand at first by taking the woman hostage, but surely he will learn to love her in time, right? This could be fun! I love kidnap fantasy books, and there's a pirate?!? Bring it!My impression after reading the first few pages of the book :Hmm...okay, so maybe this is going to read closer to a classic bodice-ripper. We might be dealing with a dub-con situation at first, but then we'll get to the meat of the story and things will even out. I can deal with that. My impression after reading a few more pages :Uh, yeah. So this isn't a bodice ripper. This is going to be more like a dark/taboo erotic book. *takes deep breath* I can do this. I've read several kidnap/forced sex books now. I just have to adjust my mindset to know that this is what I'm getting into. So why is this book making me laugh?!?My impression by about the halfway point :Wow, this is depressing, even for a taboo book. At least with the last few taboos I'd read, there was an accompanying story which had me glued to the pages. As of right now, nothing's happening...other than being forced to watch some unfeeling jackass repeatedly molest a woman who doesn't want it.I should probably feel guilty for writing a negative review because I didn't fully grasp what I was getting into before reading the book. But nope...I don't. I could have nit-picked that summary a little harder and maybe come to the conclusion that this book would be more taboo than implied, but apparently, I was a little slow on the uptake. Most books of the darker persuasion have a warning attached. I figured that the type of kidnapping in this book would be along the lines of [b:A Hunger Like No Other|14384|A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, #2)|Kresley Cole|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1357616154s/14384.jpg|16422].Here's where we change course. Instead of me giving you a well-thought-out commentary like you might see on a normal review (or not-so-well-thought-out in some cases), I'm just going to post quotes from the book in the order that they appear. From these quotes, you should be able to tell why I was doing the mother of all status updates for this book.A tramp with damned good teeth it seemed.- Yes, because if a chick bites you when she doesn't want to be kidnapped, she must surely be a tramp.She would swear she could still hear the sounds of sizzling flesh from her behind!- Sad to say, this pirate never did lay off her ass. He beat it daily, even when she wasn't doing anything to deserve it. He tied her legs together again, envisioning how much she must ache for a release she really had no idea about.- So you force a woman to take your fingers, then leave her hanging when she has no idea what an orgasm is? Withdrawal play only works when someone knows what's being withheld from them. Bringing an innocent woman to almost orgasm, then moving away is just cruelty...again, for NO REASON.But she'd done nothing to deserve such fine treatment, and so he left her there, throbbing painfully.- The "fine" treatment was an orgasm that she knew nothing of (again). You're so right, fine pirate. She has done nothing to deserve you raping her. Of course, you need to make her work for her rape!Regardless, Anjel found he was less able to control himself, less patient with her very tentative responses to his more amorous forays.- The woman you're beating and inappropriately touching is (for reasons I can't begin to understand) starting to soften to you a little. What's your next move? Be more rapey? Yes, that's a great idea!That big paw forced her to accept its presence in the very place she least wanted it to be.- I just had to add this because wtf...it's a hand, not a paw.Whether or not she was ready, he was; he could hold himself back no longer.- Now that you know she's not a whore and you can't justify that as a reason for inappropriateness, you'll still go ahead and forcefully and brutally take her virginity anyway? What's your excuse this time?But his body didn't much care that she'd been crying, or that he'd probably never forget the soul ripping look on her face until she closed her eyes.- No comment to that, but the fact that he went and "nicely" cleaned her up afterward seriously pissed me off. If you're going to be an asshole, just be an asshole. His unoccupied hand landed on her bottom with a force that left an imprint - in white relief on skin that had already been well toasted a deep, angry shade of red. That jarred Cassie out of her ecstatic reverie.- Ya know, he could've let her have half a moment of ecstatic reverie? Oh wait, no. He just took her virginity in a painful way...we wouldn't want her to think that sex might get better at some point."I mean, Captain, Sir, that I think I would give my life not to be raped by you again." He jerked back from her as if she had hauled off and slapped him squarely across the face.- You're shocked that you were called on your rape? REALLY?"I would think that one could hardly call it rape, especially considering how the entire ship rang with sounds of your pleasure every time I brought you to it."- Ah yes, the "no really means yes" defense. Classic.He could see that she had fainted and he was damned glad of it.- He beat her in public until she passed out because she'd tried to escape (but had also been helpful to some of his men). The OTHER men turned away because they were so disturbed. When a skeevy mob feels sorry for the person being beat, you know that the beating must be harsh.He realized that it had not been his right to kidnap her, regardless of the potential threat against his men if she had managed to alert the townspeople.- *facepalm*(another party commenting to Anjel) "Believe me, many marriages have had much worse beginnings than yours."- If there's something worse than this, FFS...please DON'T tell me what it is.And she didn't remember one bit of their wedding ceremony.- Because when rapey-rape isn't enough, there's always wedding-rape."When I tell you that I don't think you should be doing something - like horseback riding, or eating so many bon bons-"- Ahh...this is going to be a lovely marriage. I can tell."I think I love you," he confessed, only half in jest.- Nice. All's well that end's well.There was no real character growth for Anjel. He justified beating and raping Cassie because he thought she was beneath him at the start. Is this similar to the, "she was wearing a short skirt" excuse of recent days?Anjel hesitantly felt remorse toward the very end of the story but it never really sank in that he'd been completely wrong on every level. Cassie had no reason to fall for her captor. She HATED every moment of torture he put upon her, up until the very end. Just because she eventually grew to enjoy the sex, doesn't mean that this was any sort of viable relationship.Maybe if this story had been told in first person and we'd been able to see things through her eyes, we would have seen some light (somewhere) in Anjel. And at the very least, if it was just going to be "taboo" until the very end, I would have preferred a captivating story. Books like Comfort Food and Captive in the Dark had me drawn into the psychological aspect of what was going on. I don't expect to (or even need to) always agree with what's happening, but I do feel like I have to get a grasp of what's going on with the characters' thought processes. I never once felt like I was "there" with the characters.Also, the sex was never hot. Not even once. It's bad enough we got hardcore taboo without warning - but when you see no real story, no real character connection, and I didn't even have a hidden "guilty pleasure" moment of titillation? Sigh.