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Under Mr. Nolan's Bed (Original)

Under Mr. Nolan's Bed (Under Mr. Nolan's Bed, #1) - Selena Kitt Adult review for taboo erotic content.Yet another book that I got sucked into because so many people were reading it and making a buzz over it. Before I go into the negatives, I'm going to say that this book was HOT and pretty darn good actually up until the last few chapters. I'm sure this book would be one that most men would loooove (barely legal fantasies, girl on girl, anyone?).Part of me almost didn't want to add this to my read list out of mild embarrassment. It's pretty out there and not normally something I'd read. Yes, I know...I've said this about several other books, but this one pushed my limits.Not going to spoiler tag the rest because if you read the summaries or just about any review this will be mentioned, and in all honesty, it's something you SHOULD know about before picking up the book. I will warn you to read it at your own risk because it is very spoilerish...but yeah. I think you should read on if you're considering reading the book.Really, it was just the level of incest thing that bothered me. I recently read a book called Forbidden, and I think it handled the subject of incest well, explaining a situation where something like this could feasibly happen and it at least sort of made sense (they were stuck in a situation where they had no one else to turn to, much like V.C. Andrews' book Flowers in the Attic). In Under Mr. Nolan's Bed, there was no explanation, no reason given as to why both parties would willingly participate. Okay, so the young daughter might be confused, but the dad should have known better.Yes, I get it. The book was a taboo book. The author specifically wrote it for the purpose of being a fantasy and nothing else. This wasn't supposed to be an after school special, or some sort of moral message. Some people like to read ultra crazy taboo, and it's almost not fair to rate the book poorly when this book fits a niche genre. The fact that it was father/daughter just took the taboo to a level that made my stomach turn. I don't condone or approve of incest, but in situations where it's more brother/sister and the people are each others peers/equals/friends it doesn't seem quite as bile-retching as an instance where a parent allows something like this to happen. I could say, well at least the daughter was 18...but nope. It's still pretty sick, even if both parties are consenting adults. If this had happened earlier in the book and not in the last few chapters I would have quit reading. You ask why if I already knew it was coming? Maybe I didn't expect it to happen the way that it did. Maybe I didn't expect her to call him daddy while it was happening. Maybe I really am more innocent than most in that regard because I just didn't expect things to go down like that. Not in so much detail at least. Since it happened so close to the end, I kept reading because I wanted to know how it ended. Btw...the ending was a serious WTF? moment.What frustrated me the most is that the incest took the focus off the main part of the story, which was about Leah and Mr. Nolan, who actually had a good thing going. There was no need for Erica (the daughter) to even get in the middle of that, especially when the scenes were snuck in almost out of nowhere near the end, and Leah went from wanting "her Mr. Nolan" to being okay with letting her friend join in with no previous mention of her wanting such a fantasy. It felt almost tacked on to me. I wanted Leah to get her happy ever after with Mr. Nolan, even if the age difference was huge between them.Supposedly, there is a newer version without incest called Plaid Skirt Confessions that has a happy ending. Now this might be more my cup of tea. There's no squicky father/daughter action and the girl might end up with the guy she loves? I may have to read that one to get the previous images out of my head.