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Tropical Sin (Bandicoot Cove)

Tropical Sin - Lexxie Couper Adult review for the fact that explicit and eyebrow-raising phrases will be most likely be popping up in here.My. Oh my. Why? Sigh. No, I'm not rhyming on purpose.I'm not sure how it's even possible that I didn't really like Tropical Sin. How could I have liked Nick in Love's Rhythm but not ended up liking him in this story? I don't get it.Slight spoilers ahead.Oh wait. Yes, I do get it. Here's why : he was a third wheel who didn't belong in the picture. That's right : a rock star god was the third wheel in a story that should have been a coupling. You can't put two people together who are JUST figuring out that they are in love with each other and make their first time having sex shift immediately into a threesome and still expect me to have that "awww, look they found true love feeling." What...the...hell? Before I get the "it's erotica" lecture, let me lay it out...I have enjoyed reading menage in the past. I have nothing against a spicy menage story - it doesn't matter if the situation involves people who are playing casually, or if it's with a couple looking to bring in another party. However, this story just made the menage situation awkward.Why would Aidan hand over the reigns immediately after FINALLY getting the girl he had been pining away for? Nothing about this story felt heartwarming or fulfilling. Nick came across as some sort of creeper perv who was wanting to share in someone else's moment of completion. I adored Nick in his own story with his own HEA. In this prequel, I couldn't stand him and wanted to kick him out of the bedroom.Menage can be sexy in the right circumstance. Voyeurism/exhibitionism can be sexy in the right circumstance. Trying to insert a person into a story who doesn't belong there at that point in time is not sexy.It didn't help that the terminology was off the charts ridiculous. I've read some wonderful erotica lately which hasn't had to resort to lingo such as : ...with his tackle - still semi-hard and probably glistening with McKenzie's juices - on show...the scent of your pleasure streaming into my body with each breath I take......the need to taste those pearls of Aidan's pleasure......its tip was anointed with tiny beads of pleasure......he slid the glass dildo into her sodden channel...I hate when I read an erotic book that's been published recently which makes me feel like I'm reading something from 10, 20, 30 plus years ago. I spotted an always sure to make me feel disgusted phrase, "warm cream gushed from her pussy." It even coated his hand, haha. This woman must be a fire hydrant. Every time I see gushing cream, it just turns my stomach because it makes me think of an oozing infection, not the actual and natural process of a woman's body showing arousal.So, yeah. Not a fan of this story. I'm going to say that I've easily read a ton of erotic shorts and in many cases, I'm all for people jumping into sexy situations and having fun doing whatever crazy stuff they want to do. But I can't be sold on the friends becoming lovers aspect when the entire story is interrupted by a random person inserted RIGHT into the middle of when two people should be having time to explore their feelings for one another. If you do like sweet erotic romance and happen to have a thing for hot rock stars, you might enjoy Nick's solo story Love's Rhythm by the same author. That one I did truly like.