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Image Firsts: The Walking Dead #1

Image Firsts: The Walking Dead #1 - Robert Kirkman Yes, I am one of those lame people who watched the show before picking up the comic. Apparently, I wasn't cool enough to realize that this world existed before AMC introduced me to it. Well that, and I can honestly say that I'm fairly new to this whole world of graphic novels, comics and manga. I'm pretty sure that my love of Archie comics as a child (TEAM BETTY!) doesn't count.This review will have some pics because I want to show what's going on in the book. Not gonna lie...I find show Rick to be sexier than comic book Rick. I'm sure you find it strange that I'd even think to assess the hotness of a comic book character but I can't help it now that Dimitri Belikov has set the bar high on my pixel fantasies. Yes, I would tap that - paper or not. Come to me, Dimka.*shakes myself back to reality* Where were we? Oh yes, Walking Dead. I had more fun than I'd been expecting. Comic Rick seems to more "everyday" than his t.v. show counterpart. I kind of liked that. He's just an average suburbia joe waking up to this shithole of a world.Oh, and he rides a bike! I don't know why, but this made me giggle incessantly for at least a minute. And is it just me, or did I notice Rick wiping away what appeared to be TEARS on more than one occasion? Show Rick doesn't cry THAT MUCH! No, I'm not counting a certain recent incident where he was ugly-facing it up on the ground over something that should have made him dance in the blood of freshly slain zombies!I think I'm going to have to read the next comic now to see if Rick cries any more. Okay, well also for the zombies. *comic spoiler ahead that was not mentioned on the show!* So I heard Andrea and Dale were hooking up in the comics? Because there was none of that going on in the show. Thank goodness. I might have felt a little queasy if I'd seen any such nonsense!Anyway, two mangled thumbs up!If you're a fan of The Walking Dead but not really into comics/manga, might I suggest a regular (non-picture) book which features a story that could be straight out of a WD episode? ---> [b:The First Days|9648068|The First Days (As the World Dies, #1)|Rhiannon Frater|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312075271s/9648068.jpg|5431515]