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The Vincent Boys

The Vincent Boys  - Abbi Glines 2.5 stars. My low rating is only for some strange behavior quirks but The Vincent Boys wasn't a bad way to pass a couple of hours, even if the book had a few moments that I could have lived without. For the most part, this was a quick, simple, and somewhat entertaining love story - with a few glaring flaws.Beau - He's the stereotypical bad boy in a stereotypical story. He's hot; he knows it; he flaunts it. Yet, he has a soft side because he carries a torch for the one girl he's always wanted but could not have. For a moment, I was having Cage and Willow deja vu, even though I knew this book came before Because of Low. I'm pretty sure when I eventually read Cage's book I'll have Beau deja vu.I am an admitted bad boy lover, but I don't think calling your promiscuous girlfriend a whore (multiple times) gives you an extra hole punch on the bad boy card. The previous sleeping around I get (as long as he's not attached, who am I to judge?) but insulting your girlfriend after you sleep with her? That's pretty low class. How about beating up on your cousin multiple times when not every situation needed to go that far? Hey, I like a protective man who will defend you by kicking ass as much as the next girl, but there's fine line between being protective and being a jackass."Girl you should've seen the bloody mess Beau made of Ryan's face. He beat the crap out of him. It was hot."Okay, so maybe Ryan deserved it. But when Beau turned around and did the same thing to Sawyer...eh. A small bitch slap would have sufficed. Rage beating someone when they didn't do anything except not stand up for another person is a bit extreme.That said, even with the shenanigans, Beau was still my favorite character because at least he had some sort of personality, flaws and all. It's hard not to be a little crazy about a romantic lead when you're reading inside of a guy's head and he's thinking about how much he wants this one person and would do anything to get her. This is why romance readers like romance, after all. The giddy feelings are fun.Sawyer - Yawn. He better go extra bad in book 2 because no one wants to read about a guy who has the personality of a postage stamp.Ashton (Ash) - Pretty blonde with curly hair, long legs, a tan, and a nice body - yet she thinks she's no beauty queen. Been there, read that. I think this character was recycled from Breathe.She strings along Beau for the sake of not wanting to hurt Sawyer. It's Thoughtless the junior version, complete with all of the crying and some of the blushing.This being the fourth book I've read by Glines now, I'm gathering that this author tends to write within her comfort zone. The characters and stories don't change all that much between series, other than little differences here and there.The editing errors were pretty noticeable. 'Your' and 'you're' were switched multiple times, as were 'to' and 'too.' It wasn't enough to take me out of story but I thought I'd include it in the review in case that is a factor for someone else.So really...are there positives?Yes. If you like love stories that are easy to sink into and know that you'll get that happy little shiver over reading about a guy who will stop at nothing to keep the girl he loves safe, this book's probably a safe bet to work for you. The book is honestly not a bad read...it's just got some hiccups along the way. The story is nothing new or earth shattering, but entertaining doesn't always need to be. I enjoyed the read and still liked Beau for all of his misguided ways. I'll probably check out the next book just to see what trouble Sawyer can get into.