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The Unidentified Redhead (The Redhead)

The Unidentified Redhead  - Alice Clayton I'm going to do another one of my reviews in reverse, where I get the small gripes out of the way before stating why the book was worth my time.My review pendulum is going crazy over this book. I know my thoughts are sitting at around a 3.5 star rating but I don't know whether to round up or down! Unidentified Redhead was a fun and sexy read. In fact, it was repeatedly fun and sexy. So what's the problem you ask? Well let me go right ahead and answer that for you. I'm going to ask you to imagine this : picture your most hyper friend with her arms raised and running around like a chicken with her head cut off screaming, "WAHHHHHHAGGGGHHHHH!!!!" Then you'll understand Grace. She's absolutely a riot, but she's also definitely amped up to the extreme. Because of this and the few things I'll mention below, I reserve the right to drop my rating to a 3 at a later date. But for now, I'll stick with the fun factor and go up to a 4.This book was funny. There were several giggle-worthy moments. However, there was no real break in between one-liners and silly scenarios. The first couple of times it happened during sexy time, I found it endearing. Then I started to want them to get down to just being sexy. At some point, funny starts to become a gimmick. Scaling the humor back a bit would have made the book's best one-liners and banter stand out that much more.As well, I found myself grow weary at the nicknames a-plenty. A cute little personalized nickname can be adorable but Jack and Grace had several for each other. Not only did they nickname each other, but they nicknamed body parts (oonie) and had cutesy little phrases like "holy chex mix." Again, if this had been reigned in just a touch, it would have made the fun nicknames stand out as even more endearing.But...at least they avoided the use of baby! Score a point for this :"Blech, don't call me baby, you have enough nicknames for me already.""Oh, suck it, Sweet Nuts," I taunted.Hyper reactions and ridiculous nicknames aside, I had a blast while reading this book. Smutty time was satisfying and I found the characters to be people I'd want to know. Not only was the banter completely amusing between Jack and Grace, but it was also quite refreshing between Grace and her best friend. We've probably all had one of those friends who likes to mess with us and not let us off the hook for things. Here's some of Holly's quirky personality - "Oh, would you shut up about your historical nonfiction," Holly interrupted. "Honestly, it's like you're sprinting towards the retirement home.""Get on the stick woman. Literally. Get. On. That. Stick!"Jack was yummy with a capital Y. First off, he's British. Described as just over 6 ft. with waves of golden and caramel hair, green eyes, build noted as slim - yet firm, and rocking what I assumed to be a killer grin, I was liking this one. We all need a break from the typical massive, dark, and brooding alphas every so often (even if those guys are yummy too). I especially loved that he wore clothes that fit his body without being too "baby gap" tight. I'm thinking California casual without a hint of meathead in sight. Yes, please.Final thought - If you need a fun book to shake yourself out of a rut and won't mind a couple of hyper personalities and humor at every turn even when you're not necessarily wanting it, I'd say that Unidentified Redhead would probably be a great fit. Plus, there's lots of sexy, sexy moments.I leave you with this random fun nonsense : Of course a seagull shit on my head.