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The Silver Devil

The Silver Devil - Teresa Denys Originally, it was my plan to use this review space to create another installment of my Choose Your Own Adventure series. Then I got to thinking...Is this even going to be possible? How could I spin a taboo book? Would it go something like this?Are you a fan of kidnappings and rape? If your answer is yes, you're in luck! Keep reading!Do you laugh with glee when men are tortured to the point of death because they might have shown an interest in you? Wow, you're going to love this book! Keep going!Would the addition of ridiculous mental games make a story even better for you? Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner! Don't quit now!I think most people would have had their adventure ended on the first step. Therefore, my plan was not going to work, unless I wanted to do this as a potential parody. If you could see the cold sweat on my face right now from how sick I am, you'd know that "haha, fun parody" is not quite the mood I'm in at the moment.So I'll just give you a rundown on my thoughts about this book instead...I wish I had more experience with bodice rippers because I had no way of being able to compare Silver Devil to any other book written in this style. It seemed strange for me to read a historical romance book in first person. I love first person in contemporaries and paranormals, but have always been used to third person when it comes to historicals. Something about the third person style lends itself to going back in time. It makes the setting feel more lush and not as personal (which can be a good thing when you're trying not to hear everyday phrases and slang in your head).It was also strange to read dub-con scenes in which there were no big details. Not that I'm saying people want to witness rap (*edit* oops, I meant rape, that was a typo but kind of funny...no slam on rap/hip-hop intended) in all of its disturbing glory, but if we the audience are to find a reason as to why Felicia would fall for her Domenico, you'd think that we'd be given more detail about the growing intimacy (especially given the freedoms that come with telling a story in first person narrative). If there was any time I felt awkward about a non-detailed sex scene, it was with this couple's story. This book was a prime example of how "show, not tell" might have helped me connect more with what was going on.The first half of the book was great. Talk about promise! I love stories in which the heroine is rescued from a horrendous life by a man who is willing to make it all better. Our hero was eyeing up his girl with dark looks, then he had his woman kidnapped so he could have her...I was getting excited about what was going to happen!The second half took me days to get through. With some books, I am taken in by the politics and intrigue. For whatever reason, I could have cared less when it came to this story. Felicia essentially became background fodder in many instances, even though she was the main character. Domenico was an overgrown man-child, and not even in the sexy tortured "let me make it feel better" kind of way. If some man woke up every night crying into my breast, I'd push him out of bed - especially when he acted like a spoiled brat for the majority of the time out of bed.Since I can't compare this book to other bodice-rippers, I almost feel like I'm doing it a disservice by feeling such a disconnect. Maybe Silver Devil is a prime example of what works for this category of historicals. I just don't know. All I can go by is what I do like to read in historicals. I prefer my historical romance to be fun, quirky and sexy, and my historical fiction that has a romantic bent to be rich, lush and epic. I didn't get either vibe from this book, so if this is the gold standard, I'm guessing it's just not the category for me.However, maybe I'll have to give it one more shot. I'm not opposed to trying out a book in which a pirate plunders for booty. YARRRR!!!! Surprisingly, there were a couple of randomly awesome quote-worthy moments in this book :"Because he soon tires of those who are too willing." There was an oddly brittle note in Piero's voice. "He is surfeited with brood mares and must mount the unicorn." ~Then he bent his head as though to kiss her, and spat deliberately, full into her open mouth.