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Storm Born

Storm Born  - Richelle Mead ***Series re-read with friends in preparation for final book release - December 2011***Original review score : 3.5 stars. I think I'll be keeping this rating.Notes upon second read :After having my opinions muddled by reading all 3 books and finding myself with conflicting feelings regarding all of the characters in the series, it was nice to go back to the start and relive some of the original love that I felt for Kiyo before everything started to go downhill. I found myself trying to decipher every single thing that he said (goodness, so much of it could be construed at cryptic the second time around...). Even though I think there's a good chance that (spoilers through book 3) he could have had evil intentions all along and might end up being completely horrible with no redeeming qualities, there's a part of me that saw genuine caring for Eugenie. I almost wonder if he'll allow himself to be killed when everything goes to shit, knowing that he screwed up too badly by taking Maiwenn's side one too many times to make things right, clearing the way for Eugenie and Dorian to be together. That's a completely random theory, but I just don't see there being any way for Kiyo to end up good, or end up with the girl. Not with so many fans hating him at this point. I also found myself studying Dorian more the second time around. I found myself liking him more upon second re-read, but I also see why he didn't resonate with me in the first book. There wasn't much to know about him right away. He did grow on me quite a bit in book 2, so I'm looking forward to rediscovering what I liked about him.Nothing else new to report here. ***Original review, March 2011***3.5 stars, but that's not a criticism. I am already hooked on the series. It's pretty much official. This woman could re-write a textbook and I'd probably read it.The only reason this book got a 3 star GR rating from me is because it has the same type of start that both of Mead's other series had (Georgina Kincaid and Vampire Academy). Both of those series are fabulous as a whole, but had too much of an info dump in book 1, leaving me trying to process too much information about the characters and world, while taking a little bit of time before the story started to move. Putting that small detail aside, I have faith in Mead's ability to create a captivating story arc, and I know that I will become hooked on this series the same way I am with GK and VA. This woman has yet to fail in my book. She really is a talented storyteller.Storm Born has a unique world, with a female lead who is a half-human (half other being...not really sure on what the definition is yet) shaman who has inherited her dead father's ability to control water/elements around her. Eugenie Markham, the dark swan, has the ability to cross between the world of the living and both the otherworld and world of the dead. She's constantly being attacked by elementals wanting to get her pregnant. It must suck when your life is one big prophecy waiting to be fulfilled, and you're supposed to bring forth the heir that will take over the human world.Her two greatest allies (and possible enemies...motives are still a bit sketchy) and love interests are Kiyo and Dorian. Kiyo is a half human-half Japanese Fox Spirit. He's quite the testosterone fueled hottie warrior, yet he's a veterinarian in the human world. Gotta love the contrast. He also has two fox forms : the cute, little regular old red fox that he can shift in and out of at will, and the huge, massive Fox Spirit which he has trouble controlling. When he goes into warrior fox mode, he becomes larger than life, and can't shift back for some time, which is sort of a blessing and curse.King Dorian is the conceited male, used to getting his way. Eugenie intrigues him because she doesn't put up with his attitude. He reminds me of a watered down version of V'lane from the Fever series, but not as appealing. His one redeeming quality is his sense of humor. He is pretty damn funny. Dorian is power hungry and is mostly spending time with Eugenie to better his own interests, but he also has a soft spot for her. His motives are still sketchy, as are Kiyo's.I can't wait to see what will happen next for Eugenie, Kiyo and Dorian, in both this world and the otherworld.