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Spark (Elemental)

Spark (Elemental) - Brigid Kemmerer He appealed to the rage and fury, promising the fire it could bring the house down if those firemen escaped. Promising to help. Promising it would be fucking spectacular.4.5 stars. I dedicate this review to my friend Carina. Without her, I would have never been motivated to continue on the path of bullying people into reading books. Throughout my GR career, you've all seen me go through a bunch of random names, but the most infamous one got its origins from dear Carina and a group of our friends who had a thing for the movie Mean Girls. While everyone else was claiming Regina George, I somehow ended up as Tina Fey's teacher character - The Pusher. I've never been one to use gifs in my reviews but I had to make a one time exception for Ms. Fey because wtf to not being able to find a regular picture of this iconic scene!?!Anyway, back on track. I've found a new series to get pushy about. Put away your sappy, angsty, recycled-plot YA books and get with this program. It's more fun over here. I will be pimping out these books every chance I get. The chain reaction that started over the past couple of weeks with one, then several friends of mine reading this series only got me more excited to want to talk about the books. This is going on my "must recommend" list for anyone who wants a new, fun, and fresh series to read. Observations about book 2 in this crazy-good world of the Elementals :The Mean Girls comparison should probably include guys in there somewhere. I'd be saying get me away from this school if half the population is out to torment someone! It makes for an interesting story, but I feel so sorry for these Merrick brothers and all of the obstacles they have to overcome.I love how all of the characters' stories are intertwined. Each person has their own set of trials to overcome but they're all starting to work toward a place where they can lean on one another. Chris and Becca, Gabriel and Layne, and a couple of other people I can't mention to those who haven't read the book...their stories and personalities are all individual and unique. These books make me smile. A lot. I think I read the first half with a perma-grin on my face. Action, romance, snappy comebacks...so much goodness. Yes, there are FIVE hot guys, each one equally yummy, but the story is about more than seeing how much we can drool over the sexiest set of brothers (and one extra) to come along oh in...forever? These characters actually do something with their powers - it isn't just a vanity aspect of the story. The idea of having Gabriel help rescue people from fires because of his ability to (somewhat) control fire was a brilliant spin on using his ability. I also appreciated that Layne and Simon were not the conventional types of characters. You'll have to read the book to see what I mean.I did say I was smiling, right?"Dad, it's not -"His eyes cut right. "Now, Layne."She swallowed and slinked past him into the living room."Don't forget my box of condoms," called Gabriel.Hunter and Gabriel : THE BROMANCE. I did not see that coming. Loved, loved, LOVED this turn of events. Btw...you really don't want to look up bromance on google images. I just saw an extremely disturbing pic of a naked Tim Tebow riding on top of Josh Daniels...why haven't we invented the power of "unsee" yet?Michael, you sly dog, you... Enough said.Nick - I want your story right now. I love vulnerable Nick. He's always skated by under the radar, I think. What Spark showed us was that just because he's known as the 'good' brother, this doesn't make him the one with a better life than everyone else. It was interesting to see how the dynamics of Nick's relationship with his twin Gabriel might be changing for the first time in their lives.Nick's hand went over hers. "Gabriel will find us. He'll get us out.""How?" she choked. "How do you know?""Because he always does."The stakes have gotten higher. The powers are getting stronger and more people have become aware of what's going on. You know it's only going to get crazier from here on out. Just read the series. Because I said so. And that's how I roll.