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Seduce (Beautiful Rose, #0.5) - Missy Johnson

Reviewing is serious business.

Oh wait, it really isn't. You throw out a few words about your thoughts on a book and move on. Sometimes you like a book, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you don't even want to have to go into listing out all of the reasons in great detail (with quotes and pics to enthusiastically drive home the point) why you did or didn't like a book because you're just not all that passionate about your reasons in the first place. 

This is one of those times. 

Seduce was okay. Honestly. I don't have any big GRRRRRR feelings toward it. Yes, there was some extreme cheese phrasing. Yes, there were some typos. Yes, the guy sounded like a guy who was written by a female who was trying to sound like a guy (even extremely arrogant guys probably don't have that much internal dialogue about every single thing which makes them desirable - it kept coming back up just when I thought it was over). Yes, there were multiple scene breaks, to the point where I wondered if a smooth transition would ever be made. Yes, I felt like I'd read this story before in other books. But... none of those things made me think, "wow, this book sucks." Because the book honestly didn't suck. The story was extremely readable.

This is where I blame my voracious reading appetite for my lack of enthusiasm. I read a lot. It's hard not to compare books, especially when similar plot twists in other books, have made me do the ugly cry. I didn't ugly cry here. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I didn't feel any sort of all-consuming love happening, and those are the types of love stories which rip your heart out. We were told about the character feelings, we saw a lot of sex, then shit happened.

Because we didn't have an entire book of watching two people falling in love, and didn't get to see much of their relationship outside of how compatible they were in the bedroom, I didn't have much to attach to. This was a shorter story about two people and their raging sexual attraction (and for the record, there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with that; in fact I like erotic short stories/novellas). I'm just noting that because I didn't have time to get to fall in love with the characters, this was why I didn't get hurt when the big "uh oh" happened. And since I gathered that this entire last part of the book was supposed to be what the hook was, I had a very "eh" reaction when it failed to hook me because I hadn't been emotionally invested.

Call me spoiled by stories which have fired on all cylinders and have managed to get me emotionally invested in every single thing that was going on... because this story was nothing like that. However, Seduce was a sexy little quickie. Again, nothing wrong with that. I like sexy little quickies. And again, Seduce was completely readable. In fact, I am interested in reading the next book because I have the feeling that this story will impact huge character growth for the lead. With a little bit of editing/polishing, and a longer book (which I assume it will be, since this was a prequel short), I might find myself rooting for character happiness. 

*edit* Went to delete my notes and realized that I almost left out the obligatory "Stacia hates the overdone love/drug reference*...

She was like a drug, an addiction.