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Need (Want #2)

Need - Stephanie Lawton This is a tale of a bunch of bat-shit crazy people. I'm not even joking.Need picks up not long after the end of Want. This is Isaac's side of the story. I won't spoil whether or not he gets the girl from book 1, but I will say that there's a lot of fallout from the events of the previous book."Really? Do you get funny looks at the grocery store, even though you make sure to go late at night when you won't run into so many people?"Something that surprised me was the amped up eroticism. I felt like we'd gone from zero to sixty in no time! We'd witnessed a more muted sexuality in book 1, yet book 2 was a full-on sexy adult book. I'm not necessarily complaining over here, as the sex scenes were quite intriguing to read about (especially one involving vibrations from a piano - holy hotness). The changes did make sense, given that the focus was now on a fully grown man instead of a young woman on the verge of adulthood. Even though I didn't mind the extra emphasis on sexuality, I did find myself missing some of the subtle and lyrical tone of writing which made book 1 so special.The greatest strength of this book might also compete for its biggest weakness. Isaac's current state of mind made for a heartbreaking, emotional read. I felt his burden in the beginning. He had been through so much and wanted to right his wrongs, but he didn't understand the way to go about doing so.Need to hear that she forgives me for being so weak and reckless.On the flip side, his state of mind also brought us to a point where I wasn't sure if I even liked him any more. There's a cutoff for a reader where once that line is crossed over into excessive, we stop giving credit for hardships."You're nearly thirty. Time to grow up, Isaac."That quote summed up the direction I wanted him to head in. We did get there eventually after a bizarre journey, but there were some hairy moments that caught me off guard up to that point.The big question for readers had to revolve around wanting to know what was up next for Isaac. Would his journey include the lovely Juli from book 1, or would his path go in another direction? I will say that I am happy we got the chance to see what happened to him.As usual, the writing of Lawton's was beautiful and unexpected. I was slightly disappointed to see the second half of this book take a turn into a few contemporary romance standards, but the author still managed to salvage enough of her own personal flair to make me feel like I wasn't reading another cookie cutter book.The only scene I will majorly complain about is the scene where Heather wants Isaac to imagine she's with Juli. Something about that disturbed me and I wish it hadn't been there.Do I think that Heather and Isaac should have moved in together so soon? Not really.Overall, I felt like I got most of what I'd asked for as a reader. It didn't come about completely in the way I would have preferred it, but I'm still grateful for the closure.