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Leif (Existence #2.5)

Leif - Abbi Glines It's ON. Let the games begin!Me after finishing :Yawn. It was just another additional PoV of the same story that I already read not once, but twice? Lame.Okay, so the read wasn't itself wasn't actually lame but if I hadn't decided to view this as a setup for some future story with Leif, it might have looked horrifically repetitive. I was entertained and pissed off at the same time. The entertaining part was getting to watch Leif develop as a character, which made me continue to fall for him as a person (this seed was planted in book 2). Being inside of his head made me feel every thought, every moment of pain. The annoying part was finding out that Leif had more of a heart in there than I wanted to see. So now I love Leif even more, yet hate where the story is going.Don't ever take me to the horse races. I will make you lose all of your money. Earlier this year, I was tentatively predicting that 2012 could be The Year of the Villain. Boo. Where have all of the TRUE baddies gone? I can't keep falling in love with every single bad guy who secretly has a heart inside. SOMEONE needs to be bad. We need to protect the balance of the universe! Although I can't help admitting that Leif did make me do a bit of an aww...sadface. He was sort of sweetly pitiful : I'd wanted her to choose me. To want me...and she had. But only for a moment. Something about his pining near the end reminded me of Adrian from VA though.All in all, I still enjoyed Leif's take on the situation. This series is slowly improving with every new installment. After an extremely weak and shaky book 1, I read Dank's PoV (1.5), then book 2, then Leif's PoV (2.5 - which I'm currently reviewing), each one getting a little bit better in progression. By now, I'm actually looking forward to book 3. I have a fondness for characters taking on the role of death or the reaper. The voodoo underworld twist was a surprisingly fun addition, even if the dad does remind me of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid singing Kiss the Girl.Tell me you wouldn't think it too :"Jes cause he won de gurl don mean he can ave her. Dat ain't whut de rules say. De gurl's soul is yers. Now take it."