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Daddy's Little Secret: Pregnant at 14 and There's Only One Man Who Can Be the Father

Daddy's Little Secret: Pregnant at 14 and There's Only One Man Who Can Be the Father - Tina Davis Then I'd wake up and for a tiny second it felt like everything was great. But then I'd realize that I was back in my own bed, back in hell, and I knew I had to get through the whole day just to be able to get to bed at night and go to sleep and forget about it all again.I swear, every single time after I finish reading books chronicling hardship and abuse, it makes me feel horribly guilty for bitching about anything in my life.It's very hard to write reviews for books when you feel like any words you come up with would not adequately describe the feelings that you're having. Any time I read stories like this in which one person lives through so many years of extreme abuse (mental, physical & sexual) and can manage to make it out on the other side, it amazes me. The scars are still there, but the person wearing them is somehow managing to keep moving forward, even when at times it must have felt absolutely impossible for that person to do so.I don't want to spoil the book but I will say that it really hurts my heart to see stories like this in which abuse went unnoticed and ignored, even after reports were made. To this day, I can't understand why nobody ever put two and two together.Stories like this should be a reminder of why we should keep our eyes and ears open to what's going on around us. Sometimes one person can be the catalyst for change in another person's life, if only we'd take the time to notice and do something about it. I knew that this would be a hard book to read, but I'm glad that I read it. Thank you Ms. Davis for sharing your story with us. I hope you're on a good path to healing and joy in your life.