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Chilled to the Bone [Dark Xanadu Book Two]

Chilled to the Bone  - Sindra van Yssel 2.5 stars. Was this even part of the same series as the first book? I get that this story took place at the same club as book 1 which ties the two installments together, but this was not even similar to book 1 at all. I really enjoyed Dark Xanadu because it was a short and sexy little romp. Chilled to the Bone took the idea of adding in plot that wasn't in the first book and choked out most of the erotic aspect. It almost swung the opposite way of what was done in the first book. Hey, I like a well-developed plot as much as the next person (I often complain when I don't see enough of it in mainstream books), but I also know that when I'm picking up an erotic story that's on the shorter side (about half the length of a regular book or less), I'm doing it because I want to get down to business sooner rather than later. Soon - and often! I can spend the other 95% of my time reading books with more depth. When it's an erotic short, I want to see some hot and heavy stuff going on! This book was just...odd. We had a hostage situation, a hunter/stalker situation, more random vampire stuff (yet still no real detail about the vampire world) and a long ass shopping scene. And a few very short sexual encounters. Since Chilled doesn't really tie too heavily to the first book in the series, I'd say just read the first one as a stand-alone because it's a sweet, sassy and steamy little sexcapade.