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Butter - Erin Jade Lange You think I eat a lot now? That's nothing. Tune in December 31st, when I will stream a live webcast of my last meal. I can't take another year in this fat suit, but I can end this year with a bang. If you can stomach it, you're invited to watch...as I eat myself to death.- ButterThis is the opening paragraph. If that isn't enough to catch someone's attention, then I don't know what else would.Before I picked this book up, I was a little nervous. I've tried to read books which dealt with similar issues ([b:Bed|10326765|Bed A Novel|David Whitehouse|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348129826s/10326765.jpg|15229219], [b:By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead|6609549|By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead|Julie Anne Peters|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1360568895s/6609549.jpg|6803515] being only but a couple I can recall) and none of them worked for me. It's got to be tough to write about a subject like this while managing to keep it both interesting and relevant. How is it possible without going too over-the-top?For the most part, I think Butter succeeded in showcasing the life of a young man who had lost (or maybe never even had) the things that most people rely on to help themselves feel like normal, functioning beings. Butter had me in its greasy little clutches from page 1. I zipped through it in less than a day. The story itself wasn't merely a placeholder for the main event. A lot happened in the time before the clock ticked down to the "will he or won't he?" situation.What probably disturbed me the most was the amount of apathy this kid Butter got from strangers out in the internet world. As much as I'd like to believe that someone would have tried to step in to help a person who put themselves in this predicament, we all know of individualized real-life situations where terrible circumstances have happened in a group setting (murders, rapes, etc.) and the mentality has been to go with the herd and not make waves. I'd like to believe that the majority of the time, someone would step in and try to talk a person off a ledge, but there are these rare cases where no one does. And the coldness of it all was what really hurt my heart and moved me to tears."Only a guy with an ass as fat as yours could eat all that in one sitting.""This guy is full of shit. You can't eat yourself to death.""You're so stupid for trying this. I hope you do die-"I'm glad that I read this book because the story is one I won't likely forget. In fact, there wasn't anything big which stands out for me as a dislike. The reason I didn't go higher on the rating is because Butter himself didn't always come across as genuine, and his crush Anna seemed very cardboard (neither one of them were very interesting characters). However, the overall book itself is worth the read. Stories like this and others such as [b:Hate List|6316171|Hate List|Jennifer Brown|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1344271605s/6316171.jpg|6501420] are ones which schools would benefit from making required reading. Actually, I think stories like these are just good to remind us all, regardless of age, that compassion is much-needed in this world.Look, I get it. It sucks to be next to the fat guy on the plane. Maybe he's taking up too much of your armrest or crowding you into the window, but trust me, nobody's more uncomfortable than that guy, having to squish into that tiny seat and knowing nobody wants to sit next to him.