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Bred by the Tree Man (Forest Monster Sex - Ella & The Tree Man)

Bred by the Tree Man - Amber  Black Adult review for taboo erotic content.Grab your trail mix and put on your hiking boots. We're on the hunt for a virile tree man.FOUND HIM!This is a twenty page short story, so let's see if I can somehow manage to do the impossible and make my review shorter than the actual story itself. In a nutshell (in case you want to know but aren't up for reading the story) :A nature activist chick goes a-wanderin' in the forest. A tree-man gets a woody (see what I did there?).She hates it...yet, she likes it at the same time (apparently, the tree was fed that bs line no really means yes. BAD TREE).We get a semi-cliffhanger ending. REALLY? For a super-short story, we get a cliffy?My thoughts :I was slightly amused. Yes, I'm curious to know what happens next. It appears that a tree-for-all (see what I did there? I'm on fire tonight!) might happen in part 2. However, I'm not gonna pay $2.99 for a story so short. I got Bred by the Tree Man through Amazon Prime lending so it was free.