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Forget rock stars - boxers are now where it's at.

Abel (5th Street #4)  (Volume 4) - Elizabeth Reyes

Okay, last CR book for at least a few days. The binge is over - heading back to the land of other genres now.

Anyone else feel like moving within a block or two of the 5th Street gym after reading this series? Show of hands? Anyone?

Welcome to  Cougar-Ville 5th Street - where the guys are hot and the fights aren't the only form of action happening.

Seriously. What is up Ms. Reyes? I wasn't expecting all of the sex that there was. I mean, I knew there were sex scenes in the prior books, but this time...

I think close to half of Abel (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a touch) was sex scenes, which isn't normal for a Reyes book. Not that I'm complaining because this time it worked, given the characters' history and how we'd been waiting for these two to hook up since book 1 (I LOVED how the story started right off with a great scene on the cruise ship). If nothing else, I'd consider the book to be a fun fluff read.

There's nothing about 5th Street which jumps out for being exceptional or different when it comes to contemporary romance, but I don't seem to mind that with this series. Abel had a spin I liked on a no-strings-attached scenario. This author has always been sort of a hit-or-miss with me (still not sure if I'll be going back to Moreno Brothers), but when she manages to write something that I like, I find myself having a good time. 

Fans of Noah and Roni from book 1 will enjoy seeing what these two are up to now. ;)

I won't plague yet another review with words like cute or sweet or sexy this week. My internal thesaurus seems to be broken at the moment. Fill in the blanks with your own words. 

My one complaint : there were some editing errors/typos.