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9 out of 10 dentists recommend chewing Trident gum to avoid blood breath

Bound By Night - Larissa Ione


Every dentist's nightmare.

Every so often, I'll come across books which strike me as a suitable introduction to a genre. Bound by Night is one of these books. Consider Night a more polished version of an earlier work from this very author, such as the Demonica series, or even a less-cheesy version of the Midnight Breed series.

I was semi surprised that there were no magical spermies present, since this author tends to favor bizarre sexing. In fact, these vampires seemed downright...well, human. Even with the super strengths and a few magical tricks pulled from their hats, the over-the-top sense of abilities (and I'm definitely not knocking the magical sperm!) wasn't as much in the forefront as it had been with previous Ione's books I'd read.

A new day, a new creature, perhaps?

"I'm shaking in my human-skin boots."

A year ago, I would have rated Bound by Night 4 stars. I blame my middle-of-the-road rating strictly on my over-saturation of pnr and uf in general, and not with any writing flaw (okay, so there were still some cheesy word standards such as "nub, core, mewls, juices, and folds").

What this means for light or new pnr readers : Go ahead, jump on in. The water's fine. This isn't a new take on vampires (are there even any of those left?), but it's an entertaining read full of snark, steam, and action. I was intrigued by the power balance between vampires and humans in this book. Vampires being enslaved? Who knew it was possible? If you haven't been drowning in the paranormal recently, you'll probably find this to be an extremely readable action-based romance.

What this means for me : I'll probably read book 2 at some point. Maybe not with the same enthusiastic fervency which I would have read a Fever, BDB or Night Huntress book a couple of years ago, but I liked what I read enough to continue on.

Overall, I have no complaints. Good enough works for me.

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