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Kiss Me, I'm Irish - Bella Street 2.5 stars. I had high hopes for this one because it started out great but I never ended up connecting with the characters.I have no idea why people are shelving this as YA. The characters are all over the age of 21, and happen to be touring musicians who are going from bar to bar performing. The only reason I could even think of why this might be mistakenly reshelved, is that the book reads fairly clean in content, yet this doesn't necessarily make a book YA. This just classifies a book as a clean romance.So this was a total whim read. I got halfway in on the first night because I was having such a good time. Basic premise... a Fae-like girl from the past is accidentally sent to the year 2011. She has no clue about how modern society works. The first half had plenty of smile-worthy moments :Liam Jackson opened the throttle of his motorcycle, partly to increase his speed, but mostly to drown out the screams of the freaked chick on the seat behind him. He feared his brown leather jacket might become even more distressed if she continued clawing at him like a homicidal cat.Tinker shook her head. "Okay, Lady Sasquatch, here's the dealio. This here's a razor and this is shaving cream."When he glanced at Emily, she was leaning forward, staring at the TV, her eyes bulging. "Are those people really inside that box?"(this scene took place after she read a Cosmo mag)He smiled, making her heart pound all the harder. "Love the toes, Em."She licked her lips, searching for the right response. "I'm...I'm practicing my Kegels." Liquid sprayed from his mouth.Unfortunately, the second half sort of stalled out for me. I felt like the characters were spinning their wheels in the mud as they traveled around, sort of meandering, while hoping to lose someone who was tailing them. By the time the lead male and lead female got around to kissing, I was bored and ready for the story to end. If a few chapters had been cut out somewhere in the middle, I think the book would have been much better. It just took too long to get from point A to point B. Part of me wondered if this book would have worked better if told from a first person PoV, or even rotating first person PoV's. At times, I felt distanced from the story, and I never really warmed up to Liam, even though he should have been INCREDIBLE. This book had the least amount of drama of any romance I've read in oh...eons?!? In theory, I should have been adoring Liam because of how low-key he was. Sadly, I felt like I never really got to knew him.