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Faking Faith - Josie Bloss After bagging on several books for getting it wrong, I finally found an example of how an open ending can be done in a way which isn't completely annoying. Psst. I have a secret. One I shouldn't tell. You might think horribly of me once I mention what it is. This secret is so possibly embarrassing that I think I'll hide it in a spoiler tag. Look only if you're brave! So. Uh. I kinda have this weird obsession interest in observing fringe lifestyles. I don't know why but it's a guilty pleasure of mine.Faking Faith was (in my opinion) a loose interpretation of this well-known television family. YES. I WATCHED THE DAMN SHOW. FOR AT LEAST A COUPLE OF SEASONS. I also watched Sister Wives and a few other TLC train wrecks. Different people fascinate me, okay?!? Don't hate me for being curious!Okay, I feel better, having gotten that off my chest. Now I can proceed with the review.Faking Faith is not going to be the book for everyone. There were parts which were completely unbelievable, parts which were a bit young and fluffy, and parts which made you want to get all slap-happy up in people's faces. Why did I like the book? Well, it's like this. Any time I read a book and a scene has me wandering through a flashback of my own life, I have to give extra points for the story making me relive the joys and horror of my youth.Our female lead (Dylan) gets herself into a bit of a scrape when she discovers that her popular boyfriend is cheating on her, so she trashes his car. In turn, said boyfriend executes revenge by sending topless pics of her to just about oh...everyone. Thankfully, I never sexted anyone in high school (unless you count writing boobs on a pager with numbers - crap, I feel old now), but I did have one of those "ex-boyfriend uses dirt on you to alienate you from other people" moments. I'm also thankful that at my high-school, scandal only lasted as long as it took for the next person to make a mistake, which was all of about 2 days. Otherwise, I might have been forced to resort to drastic measures like our girl Dylan did.But...really? She couldn't have found another way to rebel other than to start a fundamentalist religion blog? Woo. This girl is hard-core. Most kids would be out partying. This girl was swapping recipes and making up stories about her non-existent large and conservative family. I would make the comment, "whatever floats your boat," but even I balk at the idea of "turning good" as a form of rebellion. What fun is that?!? This was the one part of the book which I found the most unrealistic. What a strange idea for a game.Yet...I can't say that I wasn't amused at the turn of events. Dylan makes up a new persona called "Faith" and promptly worms her way into a friendship with a conservative girl. Now, by conservative, I mean ULTRA conservative. Don't worry Christians. This book is not a slam on Christianity. It's more of a parody of an exceptionally sheltered family (see Duggars above). After said friendship is established, an invite goes out for Faith to come visit her new friend's family and stay with them for a while.One of the best points that this book did manage to make was that the grass is never greener on the other side. Another excellent point was the showing of how all families have their strong points. Even when we were being shown the flaws in the conservative family, we were also shown the positives. Most family units do come with both negatives and positives to them.So why did I compare this particular family to the Duggars? There were a few reasons but if you've seen the show, this will make sense : I felt like a strange exclamation point walking among them in my long denim skirt and unstylish pink blouse.The high point of this entire strange world was the character of Asher. I found myself attached to him and wishing I could reach into the book and yank him back out into our world. He was the one person most unsure of his place in the family and his guilt for wanting to be different was bittersweet to watch. I wanted to know more of his journey and wish there would be a book 2 to explain how everything turned out for him but I understand why this was a standalone book.