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Overprotected - Jennifer Laurens If the first few chapters hadn't been slow, this one would have received a higher rating. It took about 60 pages before the story started to hook me.Overall, it was a cute love story. If you like books where the girl is a bit innocent and the guy is the big, strong, protector type, you'll love this one. If you prefer the couple to be a bit more balanced, you'll probably loathe the book.Minor complaint, but it's something I usually tend to notice. The guy's voice sounded a bit too female at times. He actually made a comment, "I remembered it like I remembered the day Princess Diana died." Uh...what? Would any guy on the planet ever make this comment? Doubtful. I don't care if he is training to be FBI and might take more notice of these types of things.The last few chapters were probably my favorite, but the ending was a bit tame for my taste. At most, there were a couple very tame kissing scenes. I'd actually let a pre-teen read this one and have no discomfort in it.