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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green While reading Fault in Our Stars, I was struck with a random thought. Why do we (meaning all of us who choose to do this) read books which we know ahead of time are going to turn out sad?I'm not sure I know the answer to this. Something I do, in fact, know is that I always feel like the stories which make me feel strong emotion are usually the ones I end up remembering long after I've finished.This book will be no exception. Fault was my second foray into the world of John Green (I know...I suck for not reading all of his works by now. I expect more lectures incoming). Yes, this man can write. Yet, I'm not sure I even care about every single sentence he puts out there. I wasn't glued to every line, every scene. I just knew that I was reading something big - that this story was worth telling.Even though you know the book is going to have its sad moments, let me shine a light on the story as a whole - it wasn't all a downer. JG has a way with sarcastic humor. Heck, I even smiled quite a bit throughout the first half of the book. Honestly! There were some great exchanges that had me grinning. How could you not, when the cast is a bunch of cancer patients, each with their own bodily inadequacies, and all willing to poke fun at themselves? The characters admittedly know they are their own walking punchline - A blind guy, a legless guy, and a girl with an oxygen tank walk into a bar... There are only a small amount of authors who have a way of taking a plot that's been done to death (bad pun? too soon?) and turning it on its ear in such a manner that you feel like you're seeing new characters reacting in new ways to old situations.Bravery? Nah.Inspiring bucket-list montage? Not quite.Real emotion? Yes...If you like it painfully honest.Worth the read? Absolutely.