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Across the Universe - Beth Revis 3.5 stars. This was a hard book to rate. The first half was 4 star all the way, but something fell off a bit around the middle, and then it picked back up at the end.Normally, I put a lot more effort into trying to write something worthy of the book, but my excitement about this new series can be summed up into one little sentence : It's about space, man. That's it. Space. We don't have enough space fiction in YA. This needs to be remedied ASAP. I like where the series is going already, especially knowing that the two main characters are being thrown headfirst into a position of responsibility that is sure to be full of conflict and trials. As of right now, the story revolves around the life of people on a ship headed to colonize a discovered inhabitable planet. The main girl has just been re-awoken after being cryogenically frozen for over centuries. She's still trying to figure out her place in this new and foreign society, all the while finding herself upset that she was unfrozen before her due time, so her parents are still snug in their little ice coffins. Will she ever see them again, or will she live and die before they are brought back to life? This we don't know yet.Even though I wasn't able to go a full solid 4 stars, I still thoroughly enjoyed the bones of this book and am going to be psyched to pick up the next one. I hope that someday these kids get off the ship and we'll get a chance to glance at life upon the new Centauri-Earth.