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Wicked as She Wants - Delilah S. Dawson Imagine one lost princess,a deadly unicorn teaming up with an equally deadly peacock,a swashbuckling pirate,and a game of naughty truth or dare.3.5 stars. Welcome back to the land of Sang, where nothing can ever be called predictable. Needless to say, I kind of like that.I think I might have expected a darker, more tragic story from Casper. While Wicked as She Wants was edgier in content, much of that came from Ahnastasia's addition to the story."Come on, beast," I whispered.Speaking of Ahnastasia, I rather liked this chick. She was a little lost lamb one moment, and a vicious predator the next. I don't blame her for having a case of multiple personality disorder. If you were drained of blud (the bludmen have blud and the pinkies have blood, in case you forgot) and woke up after an extended period of time with a severe case of blood hunger, you might find yourself deciding that heads need to roll.Anna was a good match for Casper. In what was a very rewarding scene involving blood, I felt the imaginary pages on my ebook start to smolder. It makes me sort of sad that we traded a portion of the hilarious banter in book 1 for more intensity in book 2, but I would rather this happen than feel like I'm reading the same story over and over. Casper didn't quite reach Criminy proportions of charm, but it was great to see him find some peace in the mess of heartache he'd had to endure."You make me remember things I thought were lost forever," he whispered.Interestingly enough, my favorite character turned out to be a feisty scrap of a teenager. Keen stole the show. I absolutely adored her and found Casper's attachment to her to be so sweet and lovely to witness.Maybe in book 3 we'll get some more pirate action. That would be awesome! Whatever's up next, I'll happily go along for the ride. I think I've fallen more in love with the land of Sang than any character, so at least this way, I'll get to look forward to spending more time with my love in the future. Three cheers for that!What can I leave you with? How about a dose of Delilah Dawson's humor?""My niece gets vertigo.""Around here, we call that a case of the shits.""Unicorns aren't magical and beautiful. They're just predatory horses that have horns and love to eat virgins."Yes, the little things amuse me.This book provided from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Any quotes mentioned are from the pre-published copy and may not be present in the final copy.