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Trapped - Kevin Hearne note : all phrases in brackets [ ] are thoughts from my favorite dog, Oberon.FINALLY. There were a few big 'finally' moments in Trapped. One of the biggest finally moments I refuse to spoil for you, but I think it's safe to mention that Granuaile finally became a full-fledged druid in this book because we've been waiting for it a long time and knew it was going to happen eventually. Yay for her getting her animal forms!Granuaile's joy at this new (form) elicited an extremely loud road, startling Oberon and me and the surrounding woods into silence.[I think every creature near enough to hear that just pooped.]The entire section of the book (and following section immediately afterward) where Granuaile was getting bound to the earth was a massive payout for the fans. Emotional blue balls = gone. I'm happy now.Hearne delivers on the wit, per usual. I am infatuated with this man's brain because the stuff that comes out of his head and flows onto the paper (or screen in my case) is brilliant. Dark tangles of hair, groomed by static or maybe playful kittens."Stop staring at the meat. Look around for who put it there."[Aw! Wait! How did you know?]"Canine Psychology 101. Seriously, don't look at it. Look for the dastardly villain."[Gah! It's so hard to tear my gaze free! It must have a tractor beam!]"Oberon. It's dead meat. You are stronger than other dogs. Look away."[I can't! It's got me! Atticus, it's got me!]I love that it's easier to sell someone on reading the series through quotes than actually writing out your feelings about the books. Makes my job a lot easier!Onward to book 6.