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The Collector - Victoria Scott Given my recent history with hating the influx of obscenely douchey characters in fiction, I'm surprised at how I was more amused than annoyed with Dante. He owned his douchiness to the point of being completely over-the-top with the thoughts in his head, which made for a few laughs on my end. Several of his offbeat comments were quite funny and you could tell they weren't meant to be taken seriously, although a few times his intended sarcasm missed the mark. The "you have to only use one strap" backpack line reminded me of the scene from 21 Jump Street in which Channing's character realizes this no longer applies. I guess someone forgot to inform Dante.Anyway, back to the story. You see, Dante is living for himself. He's a soul collector. If he collects souls, he gets what he wants - flashy cars, unlimited credit card, hot chicks for days...Man, it feels good to seal souls. Like eating a little slice of bacon.Of course, a girl is always bound to come along and screw up every guy's dream life, right? I could get used to having a sidekick gone rogue.Charlie was supposed to be the opposite pole, but for the first half of the book she seemed like a kid sister and not really a love interest. I get the "moral" of the story, but hrrmmm...I'm not sure I felt the connection. What am I supposed to feel? Guilt? Shame? No. I won't. I am The Collector.That's right Dante - WRECK THAT GIRL. Oops, I meant - have fun trying to turn her bad.Don't get me wrong. Charlie is a sweet girl. Saintly, even.How can someone be cruel to this chick? It's like picking a fight with a chipmunk.So the big, bad demon found that he had an inner protective streak. Alright, that is kind of cute, I have to admit. I guess it's a not all that far-fetched to see how a guy might feel something when he has a girl who is nice to him because she doesn't realize that he's scamming her, and she actually thinks he's a decent human being.Maybe I was too hard on Charlie. Chipmunks are cute, after all.But after reading the synopsis for book 2 - SECOND BITCH BETTA NOT INTERFERE. And that's all I'm going to say about that.Final thoughts : Fun book with a healthy dose of adventure. I expected some steamier moments given Dante's attitude, but he'll be back in book 2, so maybe we'll get there. I'll probably check it out.This book provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.