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Frostbite: The Graphic Novel - Richelle Mead, Leigh Dragoon, Emma Vieceli Please excuse the blurriness because I took the pics with a phone so they're not the best quality. I just wanted to share the Dimka/Adrian love with my co-fans of the lovely, lovely Richelle Mead.The graphic novel version of VA should only be read by people who have read the full-length print books first, or else you might get confused somewhat about the story because it's very condensed and a few details are skipped around on. But hot damn, these are fun reads if you've already devoured the book series like I did. I'm not complaining about getting to see Dimitri again in comic form. How the artist managed to make a comic book character hot, I don't know. The shirtless pics in book 1 are crazy good. I almost feel awkward for drooling over a drawn image.Since I'm going to assume the readers have already checked out Frostbite in regular book form, there's no need to review, other than to comment on the art. The graphic novel versions are short summaries of the books with added pictures.My favorite images are still of Rose and Dimitri. The artist got these the closest to the book description. Adrian and Christian are decent but not as good as R&D. I'm not fond of Lissa, Mia and Mason's artwork but I didn't care because my favorite characters were drawn well. Why didn't I know before now that Eddie is a blonde?!? All this time, I thought he had dark hair. Color me suprised.Adrian is now on the scene (switched out with RM'S blog pic because hers wasn't fuzzy like mine) Christian's becoming a badassRose gets her turnRose and her Dimka share a kiss (since you can't see what that says...Rose tells Dimitri, "you still have things to teach me." He responds, "yes, lots of things." I'm pretty sure that's a nice little innuendo not having anything to do with fight training...)Back flap pictureAre you a fan of Richelle Mead? Come join the chat as we get ready for the release of the first VA movie : Blood Sisters! Richelle Mead Fan Group