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Hourglass - Myra McEntire 2.5 stars. If more of the book had been like the last few chapters, I might have gone a full 3 or higher. Unfortunately, so much of this book was painful to read. The characters felt very one note, I ended up liking a character who turned out to be evil (sheesh), and I was very frustrated at the fact that the main female and male character had a connection that I had to be "told" about and not shown. There was nothing in the story that made their love feel believable to me. All we knew is that they met at some point, and then met again, and had a connection. Uh...okay. In some instances, I don't mind fated-to-be-mated if there is at least some sort of character development that continues after the original meeting, making you feel like the characters are in fact meant for each other. I didn't feel any of this while reading the book.This is not my jaded nature coming out. I really do try hard to give leeway whenever possible. There are some books that have caused me to roll my eyes because the sappiness was so unbelievable, but if the characters were likeable or the plot was interesting, I'd give it a pass and continue on to give the book a good rating. Unfortunately, the plot didn't save the weak characters. I found myself uninterested in how the time travel was going to work, and by the time I got to the point where something happened, I was starting to wish I was done reading. But of course, just as I was going to chalk this book up as a lost experience, I did manage to gather a spark of interest during the last few chapters. The ending was actually alright. Maybe I'll read book 2 and see where this goes. So many series have weak starter books, and this could very well be one of them. We shall see. I might end up surprised.