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Bloodlines - Richelle Mead All you people that said there was no Adrian are a bit loco...he was all over the second half of the book! Plus, there was lots of Eddie and he was a lot of fun to read about. I can't wait to learn more about him!General note - If you haven't read her other series VA, do not think about starting this series. You'll really want to know the backstory of these characters first before embarking on this spin-off.The first few chapters were a bit slow, but once Adrian and Eddie showed up, I was having a great time. Sydney took some warming up to, but I think she started growing into herself by the end of the book. She's going to help Adrian grow up a little, and he's going to help her come out of her shell. I doubted their friendship, but now I'm completely seeing where and why it's going down like this. I'm glad that Mead didn't make another "very strong/kick butt" lead female character. Real authors know how to mix it up. Sydney is strong, but in a different way. Her knowledge is going to be the thing that helps all of them in the end. Props to Mead for always changing and never staying the same. Not one of her series or lead characters is alike. If everyone else wants to read the same story over and over with the same characters, they are welcome to. I'll be over here singing the praises of Mead instead.