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Wings - Aprilynne Pike 2.5 stars. So I wasn't completely disliking Wings the way I was half expecting to. It had a very simple, almost elementary start. Once I stopped picking at the writing, I settled in to give the book a fair shot and found myself having fun with the book. It was a fast and fun read, so I can't complain too much.Sure, cocky, perfect guys have completely saturated the market, leaving us lovers of YA looking for different male leads. We want flaws. We want real. I about groaned as I felt being pushed in the direction of the "perfect" guy instead of the "best friend." Yes, I do believe I've read this before. More than a few times. In fact, I was thrilled when I read a book Drink, Slay, Love and the author decided to go the opposite route by pushing the "nice" guy over the "perfect" guy.That said, I didn't like the nice guy in this book. He was flat with no appealing qualities. Even best friends need to have something appealing about them. Is it any wonder I found myself drawn to the perfect guy? Plus, he had the added element of mystery. Sorry, nice guy. You lose when going up against a hot guy who's also mysterious, whether I want to like him or not. Sucks to be you.Even knowing that this book fits every single stereotype of what has run its course in YA and probably needs to die at this point, it wasn't completely bad.One big positive was the spin on faeries. At first I had a hard time with them being actual plants, and was even mildly disturbed over the wings not being wings at all, but flower petals actually growing out of the girl's back. However, I did laugh at the reproduction discussion and found it to be quite clever, actually. Maybe it's some of the little girl still in me, but I am fascinated with magical stories and always root for true love. I hope that part of me never grows up.