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Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick 2.5 stars. This is a new-old review. I had accidentally removed my other one while doing a shelf cleanup.I "think" I originally rated this a 3 to 3.5 star read back when I was new to GR and obsessive reading and didn't have much to compare the book to. A couple of years later...I have a few hundred more books under my belt and realize now that this book was just "eh" compared to so many other wonderful books I've read since then. Yes, I was crushing on Patch. I won't try to backtrack now and act like I didn't crush on him. I might look cooler if I swept that under the rug and pretended that it didn't happen but it did! Do I still think he's crush worthy? Compared to the many, many wonderful leading men I've read about since then? Nah. He's nothing special anymore.As it stands now, I still don't recall a reason to dislike him as a character, even though I think the general consensus (from what I've seen other friends say) is that he's psycho. But again...I read the books back when I wasn't over-analyzing every detail the way I do now so my details are about as fuzzy as they come (you read too many books and this will happen to you as well). This means I was probably having more fun reading back then with my blinders on! My memory of my long-ago read is this :I was happy with the book because Fallen sucked ass. Yes - that is a technical term. Side note : Fallen still remains one of the most boring books I've ever read, so it's probably sad that I continued the series. Nowadays, I wouldn't even consider picking up a book 2 if I disliked a book 1 that much, but back then I was a bit more anal about continuing what I'd started. Anyway...rambling. Back to recalling...Hush, Hush had action stuff going on, so I was happy that I wasn't falling asleep the way I was while reading Fallen. I thought Patch was the hotness and I wasn't fond of Nora or Vee. I guess little things were able to make me happy back then so I gave the book a decent rating at the time.