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Rage - Jackie Morse Kessler Oh Death, how I love thee. You are quite possibly my dream man (at least for this week anyway).Just finished Rage and was happy to find this installment to be much better than the first one. Maybe War just happened to be a more interesting character than Famine (who was sort of one note), but I think there's more to it. Something about this book felt more polished to me. I cared more about the character Missy's struggle this time around. Her story felt like the real story of a cutter. Every bit of torment, every bad thing that happened to her, rang true.Plus, this book did a better job of showing the rider's world. Missy's journey to become WAR was told with understanding and insight. If I had to choose any horseman to be, this would be the one. Being Death's handmaiden wouldn't be all bad, after all. Not with this particular Death.However, I may continue to bitch about Death being a Kurt Cobain clone. A 16 year old girl having an ancient love affair with the doppleganger of Kurt Cobain (who in my mind is unable to portray the epicness of Death) is just...odd.