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Highlander Most Wanted  - Maya Banks Genevieve is a woman hiding from the world. A chance encounter on the road brought her to a place of permanent tragedy - one which left her scarred on the inside and the outside. Bowen is a man who has never needed to ask for anything. When he encounters a very scared Genevieve, he doesn't know how to handle her. He'll have to learn that there's a first time for everything - even when it means humbling oneself.They have both born shame. They have both faced ugliness. Together, they are beautiful.This was such a lovely read. Genevieve stood out for me as quite the unique character. Because she was scared and unable to express herself, she was disregarded and misunderstood, which made her journey seem even more courageous. After time, Genevieve had the inner warrior drawn out of her, but it took some patience, nurturing, and even fear of losing her new-found freedom to call forth her inner strength.I will list a trigger warning for those who wish to avoid books with mentions of abuse or sexual assault. There are no graphic or explicit scenes, but there are details given of her history, as well as one scene in which the main character has to fight off an attacker. The highlight for me of Highlander Most Wanted was the slow build of the relationship. Watching Bowen and his unfailing patience with Genevieve as she started to come out of her shell...it was the sweetest thing to witness.She was suffering. Privately. Away from the prying eyes and disparagement of others. He should walk away and not let on that he'd been here at all. But he couldn't.This seems to be a difficult story for me to review, as romances often can be. So much of a romance is tied up in a couple falling in love and their personal journey together. As readers, we all know ahead of time that the couple will end up together, so it's not generally a big reveal to go ahead and let other readers know of a few special moments, but this time, I'd rather you discover these moments for yourselves. Enjoy the journey. One last thing : Since it's rarely a 'Stacia-fied' review unless I have something to nitpick, I'll go ahead and give you my laugh moment of the night. Those of you who've read many of my contemporary reviews will know that I constantly complain about the "your love is like a drug" references.Just when I thought I was safe from them in historicals, I had to go and stumble upon this : "You're like a drug in my blood. An addiction I have no desire to ever conquer."NO. FLIPPING. WAY. NOT IN THE HISTORICAL BOOKS! NOOOOO!!!This book provided from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Any quotes taken from the advanced copy may be changed or removed from the final copy.