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Damaged - H.M. Ward Sam and Dean are walking towards us.Stacia thinks : yay!What really happened : noooo!That was wrong. It was a bad, bad tease. I'll never be able to look at Sam and Dean the same way again. Bad, bad book!2.5 stars. Actually, the book itself wasn't all bad. I found it to be an easy read and decent enough to pass the time.That said, the book itself wasn't great either. I'm a sucker for student-teacher stories. This was not one of the stronger ones I've read. There was a lot of the dreaded "telling instead of showing" going on here. As well, some of the scenes read very sterile to me. I couldn't actually feel the emotion behind them.The door clicks shut. He doesn't let go. His eyes are locked with mine. His body is pressed tightly against mine. Our gazes meet.Just reading that passage again made me feel apathetic to what was going on. And wait a sec...how do gazes meet if eyes are already locked together?The relationship itself felt like something of a contradiction. The feelings were rushed but the payout was not. My husband would call this a case of the blue balls. I get how this was set up to be a series but I felt no sense of reward for reading. The villain angle felt very manufactured. I half expected someone to be twirling a mustache. Will this further the plot in future books? I'm thinking that it will but I hope there's even more back story if we're going to drag the past into the present. Should Peter even be into this girl? She says things such as : "Don't make me climb across this desk and slap you, because I will." This book had a case of the winks. It's been confirmed : wink is the new smirk.But what I did like about this book is that it was short. Even with the rushed feelings problem, I liked that we got in and got out. While I wasn't invested in anything about the story, I knew that there was a relationship which would be dealing with some big obstacles and that I might actually stick around to see what hoops these characters are going to have to jump through in order to be together. Because I wasn't overly angry or bored with book 1, I find myself able to say that there's a chance I might take a chance on the second, just to see if it gets better. After all, a quick read isn't much of a risk.