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Brie's First Day of Submissive Training (Brie, #1) - Red Phoenix Adult review for shameless erotic content.STACIA'S RETRO PALACE-O-PORN.Warning : This short story is only for people who can deal with slightly disturbing sexual scenarios featuring old men and hairy bodies. You have been warned.Has anyone else ever watched 70's porn? You know, the type where the next door neighbor comes over to borrow sugar and within minutes, you're seeing a whole lotta bush and cellulite? No? Just me? Yeah, it figures.For the record, I haven't actually watched 70's porn since I was a teenager, so if my memory is fuzzy, just humor me. I had boyfriends with crappy VHS collections full of stuff that I'd like to wipe from memory.Now, I'm not actually comparing this short story to 70's porn in terms of content. I'm only comparing because I had that same, "yeah right...like any of this would actually happen" feeling. Guess what? I don't care. Sometimes I just need to suspend reality for a moment and get lost in the porn-without-plot (if you're expecting a story, stop now). This short story worked better for me in all of its cheesy splendor than the last "mainstream" erotic book that I read.Flash Summary : Brie works in a tobacco shop. Hot man and equally hot female partner come in for a purchase. Hot man leaves large tip and a business card with the name of a 'school' for submissives. Brie applies to the school, makes a crazy sex tape as part of her application process, then goes to the school and has crazy encounters on her very first day. Fin.This story was unbelievable. It was ridiculous in parts. It was disturbing in parts. Not much happened other than a bunch of stupidly horrific sexual encounters. And I enjoyed every moment of it. Okay, well not every moment, but I thought this was a fun read in a bizarre kind of way.Cringe-worthy sexual terms were in abundance. If this were a mainstream book, I'd have quit reading. I tend to (somewhat) ignore the terminology in small pub erotic short stories. It was a freebie, so I got what I paid for - which was basically a few moments of cringing, laughing, and bizarre sexual entertainment that did sort of border on enticing. The moment where Brie has to face one of her fears by having sex with a black man sort of made me uncomfortable. I don't think it was meant as disrespectful but this type of subject matter always dances a line of bordering on offensive if it's not handled correctly. Nothing stood out to me as too bad (she ended up getting over her fear and ended up enjoying the time spent), but I wasn't looking for anything either. I'm not sure how others would feel about the same scene.I want to see what happens next for Brie and the dom who has caught her eye but I'd have to pay for the next installment. Part of me is actually tempted...I have the feeling that their encounter will be a hot little number. But...yeah. Not sure if I'm ready to invest money in a series of short stories.