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The Tease - Nikki M. Pill There's a first time for everything. I can honestly say that I've never seen this question asked in a book before...Is necrophilia treatable?I'm sad to report that the question was never answered. Apparently, it wasn't on a 'need to know' basis. Can I just say that this question was asked by a doctor to a colleague after a therapy session with a disturbed patient (who was referred to). Doesn't that sort of go against doctor-patient confidentiality? Or am I wrong in thinking this?Here's another instance where I was bamboozled by a book cover. Judging by the shorter length of the book, racy pic/title, and synopsis, I assumed this was some sort of erotic suspense deal. If you're looking for erotic anything, you won't find it. I'd call The Tease more of a mystery with sex appeal, perhaps?Whatever this was, it was okay. For entertainment value, the book did the job. Did I want to smack people around once or twice? Sure. However, I think this is just going to be the case in any book when you have a WOMAN WHO WANTS TO INVESTIGATE A CRIME WITHOUT HAVING ANY SORT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPERIENCE. Gah, I don't get it. Killer on the loose = do your own digging? Really? I was surprised that she was so trusting of a couple of the guys who could have been valid suspects. I guess hotness = loss of smarts.Strong Points :1. Burlesque is intriguing. I would have loved to have seen even more of the stage setting but the little bits and pieces that were there rocked.2. There was little down time. Something was always happening. Like the song says, "let the bodies hit the floor." People were dropping like flies.3. I felt like the woman doing the investigation had an actual reason to want to know what was going on, even if I think she was stupid for getting involved. One of my big issues with the book If I Were You was that the woman had no real vested interest in catching a killer, yet she jumped right in to the fray. At least in this case, most of the connections did tie back to the main character.Weak Points :1. The merry go round of men. I don't mean this in a romantic sense - there were just a lot of men hanging around who were tied to this case and I couldn't keep them all straight. Between the ex and the current and the patient and the co-worker and people involved in the investigation and so on and so on...I lost track of which man was who. Sometimes a name would be brought up and I'd have to stop for a moment and try to remember who they were and what their relation to the main character was.2. I didn't really attach to one of the men who I think I was supposed to attach to. The book wasn't all that sexy for being burlesque themed. I don't always need steamy sex scenes, but I do like some sort of chemistry to be present between characters who are going to interact. 3. The main chick was called by a bunch of names. Xanadu, Anna, Velvet, Zanny...can we just name her Sybil and get it over with?BTW...I am now unable to get the theme song to Xanadu out of my head. My dreams tonight will be filled with visions of Olivia Newton-John zipping by on roller skates. In fact, it's playing on YouTube in the background right now. :(Even though the story was definitely misleading in terms of being no where near as sexy as I'd expected, I was alright with the suspense angle. Chances are, I'll check out the next book because I have some theories about who the killer is and want to know if I'm right.This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.