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Come Back to Me - Josie Litton I'm happy and sad to see this trilogy come to and end. The happy comes from me feeling like this trilogy went as far as it's going to go and I'm glad that I won't feel pressure to have to read on. The sad comes from realizing that there will be no more Vikings to read about. I guess I get to go feed my obsession by trying out some other authors who are writing about Vikings.Many felt like the third book in the trilogy was the weakest, but since I wasn't able to finish the second book, I guess I'm in the minority. While the "full-on" Viking atmosphere wasn't as strong in Come Back to Me as I would have preferred, I did at least enjoy the sweet love story at work. And by sweet, I mean "is this guy even a VIKING???" kind of sweet, which admittedly threw me for a loop. Let me refer back to the first book. Wolf was a Viking through and through. Even if he wasn't the raping and pillaging type, he was still a warrior who was willing to mow down anyone who would dare to get in his way. Wolf's brother Dragon (the hero of this book) was like the gentler little brother who is just as hot, but maybe not quite as alpha as we first were lead to believe. Which is okay with me. I found Dragon to be quite a delicious man in his own right. BUT...I really wanted more of that true Viking feel to the story. And I didn't find it here. My overall thoughts : The love story was charming, the sex was wonderful, and the bonds of new-found sisterhood were beautiful to witness. This author excels at drawing the reader into the time period and I am able to envision the clothing, the scenery, and the atmosphere as if I were there myself.The reason why I can't go higher than 3 stars is only because I want more from a Viking tale. Book 1 set the bar so high that the following two books never really made it back up to that standard. This was an enjoyable read, but not on par with what I know this author is capable of. If nothing else, do treat yourself to the magic of Dream of Me from Josie Litton. Then you can decide from there if you want to read the rest of the trilogy or not.