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Teach Me - Amy Lynn Steele Has it really only been a week since I read When Summer Ends? I must have wanted to move on more than I'd thought because in my mind, it seems like I read that book ages ago.The day after I finished WSE, I thought I'd try out another book with the same subject in order to see if I could do better, so I picked up Teach Me. Teach me, Coop...teach me how to not love you anymore.I didn't end up posting a review when I read this because I didn't want to put out into the universe of GR two similar thought processes on the same subject back-to-back. So I figured I'd wait a little while, then review. In no time during the course of my history of reviewing has this ever been a good idea. Short term memory + me = fail. Ask me what I was wearing on my first day of kindergarten and I'll recall intricate detail. Ask me what I was wearing yesterday and I'll stare at you like you just grew two heads.Thankfully, I do have a few notes in my book to refer back to. Sadly, the notes I have aren't very descriptive.In all honesty, it might be me with the problem and not the book. I think my love affair with student/teacher love affairs might finally be coming to an end (why does this make me so sad? I had a good run there for a while). There's been a buzz book going around on my feed lately with a pretty, flashy, multi-colored something on it and people are heralding it with 5 star reviews...but it's another student/teacher book and the blurb looks exactly like something I've read several times before. So, alas, I might have to pass on it. Here were my random notes/markings~ This is a dual PoV book. If you like reading the male's PoV as the story unfolds, you might enjoy this.~I highlighted a passage where Cooper was sitting across the street from Ali's house getting drunk, spying on her. Note : Stalker much?~ This note would be a spoiler, so no go without tags not a fan of marriage proposals in books when the heroine could still stand to grow up.~ Mother effing unnecessary epilogues. I am hating the trend of "telling too much about the future." It's okay sometimes to let the future just be unspoken and full of hope. I didn't honestly care for this book but I couldn't bring myself to 1 star it because I felt like Teach Me was a step up from When Summer Ends. This was a simple, sweet, love story. I would have liked it at one point in time when I hadn't read other, better, student/teacher books with more depth. Some people might still enjoy it now. I honestly wish I could have. If you've never read a student/teacher love story, you might end up liking Teach Me just fine. If you've read a few s/t books before, chances are, you won't find anything unique which stands out about this book.The following isn't quite a love/drug reference but it comes close enough. Either way, it was something I couldn't pass on mentioning because it generally bugs me to see extreme phrasing such as this.I had been drowning, and he was not only my life vest, but also my oxygen.