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FrankenDom - Robin L. Rotham

Adult review for erotic content. I'm testing out how to make spoiler tags and I knew this review had a couple from the GR original, so if anyone wants to let me know if I figured out how to do the tags right, I'd be most grateful.

What to say... 

What to say...

What. To. Say?

I wavered between 1 and 2 stars because I didn't violently hate the book, even though I was definitely not a fan. The story was strangely readable, and I wanted to see how things turned out. 

Most of the taboo themes in this book (yes, there is a warning in the synopsis) are ones I've read before in various short stories and random erotica. None of the taboos in this book hold any sort of appeal to me, so I probably would have never picked up FrankenDom if it hadn't been for one thing : sounding.

I had been wanting to read about sounding for sexual purposes and hadn't gotten a chance to, so I had to give this a go out of curiosity.

There was a scene near the start of the book involving electric play and a removal of a sounding rod from the urethra (the electric tongue thing was actually pretty cool) and then that was about it. We moved on to other, more depraved things.

My low rating has less to do about the taboo content (I am not going to rip on a book for having extreme content when it's so clearly stated in the warning) and more for feeling a complete loss of connection to anything or anyone. I didn't like any of the characters, especially Rachel. 

There's just something about the tone of the FrankenDom which didn't sit right with me. There was a lot of talking down to Rachel from all of the characters, almost as if they thought she were incapable of coherent thought at times. I absolutely hated a scene where she was talked down to for something she hadn't done (someone else had pushed her into a hot tub), and she took it. If this had been a situation where it was simply a D/s instance of punishing someone for behavior both parties agreed was wrong - fine. But she TOOK IT when she didn't do anything wrong. Then later, it was revealed that the entire scenario was set up and she'd been tested. So she was set up to get punished for something she didn't do, and not only did she not defend herself in the first place, she didn't fight back after finding out the scenario was staged? This wasn't the same type of book as a "cruel/forced" slavery scenario, yet the behavior of both doms wasn't that far off from the kidnap/trafficking books, except that the behavior was tempered by kindness after the fact. I like my scenarios to be somewhat more black and white. Either you're a jerk, or you're not. This "being a jerk because I love you" type of Dom has never worked for me.

I won't address the medical or Frankenstein sides of the story because I didn't have an issue with either of those things. My medical knowledge isn't enough to question any sort of scenario's plausibility (obviously, there isn't a real surgery of this, but I don't know how much was taken from partial transplant surgery info).

My last note - something about this line from the book creeped me the heck out. "Maybe someday we can have a baby or two and name one of them after his very kinky Uncle Julian?" ...I really don't know if anyone from this story should be procreating.


Who would like FrankenDom? Fans of BDSM or menage erotica which pushes the limits of pain to a breaking point, and who won't mind slavery play, puppy play, food deprivation, and full control scenarios.

Who would not like FrankenDom? Everyone else. Especially those who don't like hearing the word slut as a term of endearment over and over (I just don't like repetitive names of any sort, even nice ones). Also, if you're uncomfortable with a safe word being thrown out the window, take note that the second half of the book phases into "slave control" from the master.