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The Hallowed Ones

The Hallowed Ones - Laura Bickle "Plain folk are taught that evil is spiritual. The absence of God."Mrs. Parsall bit back a sob. "Well it seems as if God's left the building, and we're left to our own devices."4.5 stars. When I first saw that there was a book featuring both Amish and Vampires, I'm pretty sure that I had a GTFO reaction, but in a good way.I mean, it's a book about the Amish.I was a fast hooker.Well, at least, that's what my mother said about my crochet skills.And Vampires. The Scary Kind. No explanation necessary. How were these two worlds going to collide? Could a story like this be attempted without everything turning out to look ridiculous and campy?Why, yes. Yes it can be done. Here is the proof.First off, this was a perfect setting for terror. The isolation alone made for an experiment in fear. Having the Amish trapped on their own land without being sure what exactly was going on outside (yet knowing that there was something trying to get in to them) was chilling.Katie is one of the only 'plain' folk who actually suspects that the creatures are vampires, having survived a near run-in with them herself.I peered into the smoke-encrusted glass and saw a pair of red eyes, glowing with reflected light like a cat's in the smoky darkness.She's torn between what she's always been taught and what she now knows to be real.I was a hypocrite. When the roof came down, it was going to fall on me first.Katie's hiding a secret in her barn - a young, wounded 'outsider' named Alex. He's everything that her 'promised future husband' is not - and he believes Katie when the others don't. Their friendship is formed through secrets and lies. Alex and his 'bonnet' lean on one another when they have no one else to turn to."Not every guy gets to go play firebug with a wizard and Bonnet the Vampire Slayer."Be prepared for a read that is slow to action, but still interesting in its own way. There is definitely a spooky horror aspect to the story which comes closer to the end, but much of this book is about Katie questioning her place within the Amish community. I appreciate the author taking the time to explain more about this way of life. Maybe because I've read other books about the Amish culture, I've come to appreciate the hardworking dedication of the plain folk. If the story had been lacking in authentic detail, I would have felt cheated that the author just used this location as a device to explain (which I won't divulge) why the vampires had a harder time getting onto their land.*edit* I have just been informed that there will be a second book!So, for now, I'm giving out an enthusiastic cheer for this unique take on an undead story.This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.