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Wicked as They Come

Wicked as They Come - Delilah S. Dawson It all started with a locket...I could picture it shining on some young lady's neck, part of an epic story full of romance and a Prince Charming who didn't turn out to be an overbearing, soul-sucking jerk.Wicked as They Come is not going to be a book for everyone. I understand why some people are completely enraptured, while others are not feeling the love. This time, I am happy to report that I fell closer to the enraptured side. Uniqueness is such a rare thing in fiction (it's all been done before, right?), and I felt like I'd been awarded a rare treat in getting the chance to read about the magical world of Sang.If you think magical means happy, enchanted fun - think again. There are ruthless KILLER BUNNIES on the loose. Yes, you read that right. Cute and fluffy bunnies are killers. So are rats, horses, and just about every other creature in Sang. For most of the creatures are Bludcreatures. Blud is pronounced blood, so yes...these are adorable little vampire creatures with fangs.In the world of Sang, Bludmen and Pinkies (humans) live side by side, but they don't always get along. Letitia, our leading lady (and quite human), falls asleep in our world one night and wakes up in the world of Sang. All of the Alice in Wonderland comparisons that reviewers are putting out there are pretty much on point. This is the first observation one might possibly make about Sang. Think of a side show carnival lead by a man who could easily be a cross between The Cheshire Cat and The Mad Hatter. THAT would be Criminy (rhymes with Jiminy, as in cricket). Criminy, a bludman, is the star of this book. His personality is large and his ways are bizarre, yet I couldn't help but be taken in by him. I loved Criminy, even if he did come across as strangely creep-tastic and not always in a good way. But he wears gloves and that's a weird love of mine, especially when I saw what he could do while still wearing gloves. Don't judge me. :p But even when the glove is on someone else, the mood can still be quite sensual...He looked into my eyes as he slowly unbuttoned the three buttons and pulled each finger of my glove to loosen it. He brought the glove to his mouth and gently bit the tip of the middle finger. He slowly removed the glove with his teeth. It was possibly the sexiest thing that ever happened to me. And our skin hadn't even touched.I loved the world of Sang. I loved the crazy past-alternate-steampunk-fantasy world thing that was going on. I loved the idea of killer bunnies. I was on the fence about Letitia, but only because she struck me as odd for taking to the world as easily as she did. The "other" love interest for Letitia wasn't well sketched out, but he dropped off quickly enough and I'll be excited to actually learn more about him in book 2. Considering this series is following a PNR format of one couple per book (even though it reads more like diet-cola fantasy), it's safe to assume that any love triangle in this series is going to go belly up quickly enough, which is a relief that we won't have to endure much back-and-forth and indecisive heroines. *bullet dodged*The main hook for the Blud books appears to be a unique world and quirky characters (and cool clockwork pets!). If you're looking for anything deeper than surface level story-telling, you won't find it. Surprisingly enough, I'm okay with that. We got more than what's normally expected out of stock-manufactured PNR, so I can't really complain. Did I forget to mention the fun banter and silly moments? These are only a few of the many lines which had me smiling."He keeps hoping she'll fall and break her neck, so that he can turn her without guilt and be her knight in shining armor.""Do you have any other accents?""Is annoyed an accent?""I've been fending off that little minx for years. Had no idea she was so diabolical. If I had, I might have liked her more. Or snapped her neck. Could have gone either way.""We can invent show tunes and pizza. They won't know what hit them."