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The Selection

The Selection - Wow. So uh, yeah...I had never planned on shelving this book, even though I read it back in the pre-release days. Backtracking for a second - I had made the choice not to make a badly behaving authors shelf for books I hadn't read, even though I understood why other friends were doing so. I thought to myself : fine, I'll stay out of shelving stuff (for now, I reserve to change my mind later) that I haven't read, regardless of how much I want to speak my mind on some of the complete nonsense that's going on. But FFS with all of the crap going on, I feel like I'm taking the easy way out by not at least shelving stuff that I've ACTUALLY read, just in order to avoid controversy. But since GR wants an actual book review and not commentary on the author - I'll give a damn book review. 10 second book review :I didn't think the book completely sucked the way a bunch of other people did. The story itself held my interest. I agree with others that the world building was glossed over in a big way, and that the characters had absolutely ridiculous names. For entertainment value, I'd give this book a 3. For having a bunch of plot holes and random stuff that I thought was a bit fluffy, I'd give this book a 1. That averages out to what would have been a 2 star rating had I not seen a bunch of other madness circling around this book. However, I am going with a 1 star rating for other reasons that I'm too lazy to put in the comments section at the moment. Just assume that the hinting of my first paragraph has something to do with it. If you want to know, just ask. Or just read the highest rated review on the review page and you'll get the gist of it.Overall, not a horrible book, but nothing to get excited over either.