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Death Angel

Death Angel: A Novel - Linda Howard

Andie Butts. What a name. I'd change mine too if I got stuck with Butts. 

Moral of the Story : If you're going to change your name, you might as well get involved with a drug lord, so you can steal 2 million dollars.

Oh wait. That wasn't it. Take 2.

Moral of the Story : If you're going to steal 2 million dollars, try to outrun the person tailing you, so your reckless behavior gives you a chance to experience some wtf-ery.

I do believe I got buzzed again. Take 3.

Moral of the Story : If you're going to start a new life, make sure to hook up with the hot assassin killer who is tailing you.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

So maybe that wasn't really the moral of the story. Who cares? I liked where we ended up. 

I had no expectations for Death Angel, other than hoping it was as good as Mr. Perfect. While the great humor from Mr. Pee wasn't present in DA, I did alright without it. There were plenty of other aspects of the story to keep me entertained. 

Surprisingly enough, I wasn't bothered by how (view spoiler)things got in the first few chapters. This is something which would normally bother me (just the other day I ripped on book for having a similar, but less graphic, situation). However, the setup of how this particular story started made for an interesting turn of events later. What can I say? There's no way to predict when or how something will or won't set you off. It wouldn't be the first time I've experienced an awkward double standard. :p

This is one of those times where I'm glad that my in-depth knowledge of technology and surveillance is limited, so I didn't have to nitpick anything for being inaccurate. From my viewpoint, Drea/Andie's escape and time on the run all seemed thrilling and plausible. I still don't fully understand why someone would choose to transfer funds to a stateside bank vs. an offshore account, but maybe I didn't need to know.

Finding her didn't take five minutes. It took two minutes and seven seconds.

My lone gripe lies with a scene around the 50% mark and how it didn't fit in as well with the story as I think the author would have liked it to. There was a reason for the scene and how it tied in to the characters' world view later, but you could have removed the scene (and recurring "talents" of Andie's) and it wouldn't have been missed. Plus, there wouldn't have been this weird paranormal/magical realism thing stuck in there haphazardly for a weak reason. I didn't hate what happened, but found it to be unnecessary.

Overall, I'm still happy. This is the second Howard book I've read and both have been a success. I'll definitely be checking out more by this author. She's shown me that I might not actually dislike suspense the way I thought I had. It might have been all along that I was just trying out the wrong authors.