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Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect - Linda Howard "If you're looking for Mr. Perfect, you're going to spend your whole life being disappointed, because he doesn't exist."I generally hate books where any female or group of females start making a mental or physical list of what they want in a man. Lists are absolutely stupid. Love is unpredictable and shouldn't be put in a box. Sure, six-pack abs and a huge salary can be awesome, but the sweet guy with the messy hair and cute dimples might be the right one, even if he doesn't have guns of steel or a six figure income.Whoops. Let me get off my soap box because this wasn't that type of book. On the contrary, the list was supposed to be a fun game and nothing more, which made me thankful that I wasn't going to have to hate the characters in this book for being ultra-shallow.Mr. Perfect is a romantic suspense/murder mystery book with a side of comedy. Suspense is not my preferred genre, and cops are not my preferred type of hero, but Linda Howard surprised me by making both work in her favor because I ended up really liking this book!It must have been that side of comedy which made the book feel like it wasn't as somber as it could have been.Computer Nerd office signs for the win!XEROX AND WURLITZER HAVE ANNOUNCED THEY WILL MERGE TO MARKET REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS.NEW PRESS RELEASE BY THE FDA : RED MEAT IS NOT BAD FOR YOU. RESULTS OF TESTS SHOW IT IS FUZZY GREEN MEAT THAT IS BAD FOR YOU.These signs sprinkled throughout the book, along with some of the fun banter, brought a great balance to the dark subject matter.After all, there was still a killer on the loose, terrorizing the four women who started the list. Looks like someone didn't feel perfect enough to make the list..."Which one are you?" whispered a ghostly voice.I mentioned the cop hero. Sam was great. Who knew I just needed the right author to come along and make me fall for a cop? He might have been a little too gruff at times and made a few off remarks (yes, he called his ex-wife a bitch) which you might not see in a more recent novel, but when he needed to be, he was sweet and protective.There were a couple of little pokes at feminism which were odd, but I sort of rolled right over them because I wasn't seeing any big malice showing through. In fact, I didn't have much to complain about when it came to Mr. Perfect. Between the mystery, the romance, and the comedy, I got enough to keep me entertained on a lazy night. If I had to come up with one complaint it would have to be hidden behind a spoiler tag, so only look if you don't mind being spoiled. A marriage proposal and declarations of love during sex? Really?I'll definitely pick up another Linda Howard book again in the future, if only to get my fix of random wacky lines such as :"Then I got inside you and it was like sticking my cock in an electrical outlet."